Monday, November 19, 2007

Shopping Trip

Addison is one month old today. Time is just flying past. Bad mommy didn't get any pictures of her on her big day. We spent the day shopping, which is what any girl would want to do on her one month birthday. I can't believe how big she is getting. Every time I pick her up her cheeks look chubbier and it gets harder to hold her in one arm. I might even see the start of some fat rolls on her thighs, something Tenth Percentile Zack never had. She is an awesome, but noisy, sleeper and will hopefully be sleeping through the night soon. Ryan is ready to kick her out of our room because she whimpers and moans all night while she sleeps.

The biggest difference between Zack and Addison is that Zack always held his own even as a 5 and 1/2 pound newborn. You could hold him up under his armpits and he would keep his arms down and stand on his legs and was strong. We knew he would be an athlete. Addison just flops, arms go up and legs buckle. I'm sure Zack will have her whipped into shape in no time. He is already working on the headbutt with her, ugh! Luckily she hasn't got mixed up in any games of Fumble - yet, although mommy is getting pretty good.

We met daddy for lunch at McDonald's today and let Zack play on the playground and then I ventured out again with the kids to the mall. I carried Addison in the Baby Bjorn and she slept the entire time and Zack was contained in the stroller. We had two incidents, both at The Disney Store, where he managed to slip out of the stroller. One involving a certain race car named Lightning McQueen. I'd say he is high on Zack's Christmas wish list. We were finally able to move on after he said his long goodbye and I told him to ask Santa for Lightning. The second involving a cylinder of Disney princess footballs. He was particularly fond of the Cinderella football and I had to drag him out kicking and screaming when I wouldn't let him have it. I knew I was asking for trouble taking him into The Disney Store, but I really wanted to get him a Lightning McQueen ornament before they were gone. I am counting down the days until Thanksgiving so I can decorate the house for Christmas. I found a XM Christmas station on the DirecTV last week and have been listening to it when I can get control of the TV from Ryan or Zack.

We passed the mall Santa today and I pointed him out to Zack and we stood outside the gates watching and slowly getting closer. We visited Santa twice last year and both times we had major screaming. I assumed it would be the same this year. There was no one in line, so Santa's helper asked if Zack wanted to sit on Santa's lap. I wasn't planning on visiting Santa today and didn't dress Zack in his Christmas best, so I didn't want to get suckered into pictures just yet. They said I didn't have to buy any and to my surprise Zack didn't have the death grip on me, so I got him out of the stroller and we walked up to Santa and he jumped on his lap and told him he wanted a tow truck and a garbage truck because he can't find his garbage truck anywhere. (I don't know how you lose a large green toy garbage truck in a house, but it has been missing for months.) Zack has had a long obsession (over a year and a half) with garbage and garbage trucks and tow trucks since our car accident in May. Santa asked Zack if his baby sister wanted anything for Christmas and he answered a bike. He has told me for the past month or so that he wanted to ask Santa for a bike, so I was surprised that he asked for the trucks, but he did manage to steal his sister's wish and squeeze it in. I hope he isn't too disappointed if a bike isn't under the tree. I plan to wait until his b-day in May to make that purchase, hopefully his short legs will be able to reach the pedals by then.

I bought Zack some snow boots today, so he is ready to play. They are calling for snow on Thanksgiving. He'll be ready on the off chance there is any accumulation.

We went into only two women's only clothing stores, B Moss and The Limited, as soon as we walked into both stores Zack asked to leave and said they were, "too spooky for you mom, lets go." I thought it was strange that he didn't ask to leave any other store. I guess he doesn't want me to buy work clothes and leave him.

How come when you are dreaming about a baby girl there are so many cute baby clothes, but when you have one in your arms you can't find anything cute? I guess I find all kinds of things in larger sizes, but nothing too exciting for 0-3 month or 3-6 month sizes. I guess most people would like to be able to wear jammies on Thanksgiving or at least after the last piece of pumpkin pie. I did find one dressy dress for Christmas, but need to find another not so dressy, but not too casual, outfit. We need a bigger mall and/or better stores. I'm not sure I'm ready to venture to Indianapolis alone with the kids, especially before Christmas, but I really want to go to Baby Gap. I don't know why I have such hard time paying shipping charges when we would pay more in gas driving an hour and the headaches of big city driving and busy malls. Clothes are just cuter in person.

Here is a picture of Zack from last week to reward you if you made it through my ramblings. Hopefully I can dust off the camera tomorrow before Addie's cheeks get any chubbier.

Totally off topic, but congrats to our high school alma mater football team, Lowell Red Devils, who is going to state on Saturday. They went two years ago for the first time and won. We took Zack to the game. Ryan wanted the family to go this year too, but I don't think Zack would sit as still as he did at 6 months old. I think I'll stay behind with the kids this year and let Ryan handle the reunion.


Ryan Bush said...

Now, I know I am a bit biased on the subject matter and that I am not hip to all of the ins and outs of photography, with all the gammas and hues and such, but this is by far my favorite picture of Zack to date!!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you guys had a good day shopping, too bad mom didn't get anything new though.

I am excited about decorating too. We always do it the weekend after Thanksgiving and I can't wait this year, especially the way Devin is already getting into everything. It suprises me that these kids are only 2 years old and know exactly what they want for Christmas!

Cute picture of Zack!!!

Janice said...

I gotta hand it to you - that's awesome you got to venture out with the kids by yourself!

I was thinking that maybe you couldn't find anything cute for Addison at this age because of the season? Ava was born right before summer so there were more girly girl dresses out there whereas now there's mostly jump suits and one piece outfits (still cute, though). I have to say I do love boys Fall/Winter clothing more than the girls'.

Love the picture - he looks like a little Baby Gap model!