Monday, December 31, 2007


Yesterday Ryan and I cleaned out our closet. I am so happy to never have to look at his holey t-shirts again. We got rid of two yard sized trash bags full of outdated clothes. So today, of course, Addison and I had to go to the mall to replenish my pathetic wardrobe.

Ryan decided he would do some male bonding with Zack while we were shopping and take him for his first trip to Hooters. Addison and I had done enough damage when they came, so we crashed their party and made it a family affair. Ryan wasn't too happy, but Zack was excited to have lunch with mommy.

Here is a picture of the little stud taken with Ryan's camera phone.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Eve

We are still trying to get back on schedule after the holidays. Zack has slept in past 9:30 every morning this week. He hasn't slept past 8:00 in his life. He missed his nap yesterday too. which didn't help. I'm not complaining because I get to sleep too, but we miss half the day and in two weeks we have to return to the real world of working and daycare, boo.

We spent Christmas Eve with my family. Bowling with Grandpa

Lindsey and Courtney can't get enough of Addison

Our attempt at a shot of the grand kids. This cracked me up and I'd like to say that this was an outtake and I got a much better pic, but...
this was the winner of the group. Maybe when they're teenagers they'll sit still and cooperate.
and the winner of the grand kids with grandma and grandpa category.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Watch your Mouth

We really have to watch what we say around Zack. Last week he started saying, "That's what I'm talking about" or he'll say, "That's NOT what I'm talking about" if he doesn't like what you tell him. Today, after my last blog post, he had his pacifier in his mouth. (I know it has to go soon. I think we'll take him to Build-A-Bear soon and make him put it inside his new friend. He received a gift card for Christmas.) He likes to put the pacifier in his mouth and then make sure I see him and he teases me and runs away in hopes that I'll chase him. I told him today to take it out and he responds, "Suck it up Mom!" Ryan and I couldn't stop laughing, which of course only made him say it more. Then he started dropping the "up" and said, "Suck it" which we had to put a quick stop to.

His daycare teacher didn't like when he said, "no way." She isn't going to be happy when he returns in two weeks telling the kids to suck it up.

Last week he also started calling me "Momma." For months he has been referring to me as mom more than mommy, which made him seem way too big. I like being his momma.

Christmas Morning

Zack threw up after lunch today and has a 101.9 temp. He has been acting completely normal though and wants to play. He is the toughest kid. Hopefully no one else, especially Addison, catches the bug.

We had a wonderful hectic Christmas. I am now trying to get Zack back on schedule after missing his nap for four days in a row. Santa was very good to us and I am still struggling to find a home for all the new toys.

Santa left a bag of toys for each of the kids and filled the stockings, which were then too heavy to hang from the mantle. The stocking were made by my Mom.

Ryan and I both love shopping, online and in the busy stores. Neither of us can resist a deal, no matter how many times we were done shopping. I didn't think I would ever finish wrapping.

Santa spent three hours setting up Zack's train table to make it perfect, only to have Zack destroy it in three minutes Santa wasn't too happy.

Addison couldn't wait for her sleepy head brother to wake up so she could open her presents. Luckily she was worn out from all the parties and slept through most of the present opening.

Daddy finally had to wake Zack at 8:30 and it took him a couple of attempts before he finally got up. The shortage of naps was catching up to him. Ryan and I would both wake up extremely early on Christmas morning and couldn't believe our offspring decided to sleep as late as he has ever slept on the most exciting day of the year.

Zack ran straight to the train table and was oblivious to the other presents that filled the room.

Chef Zachary. He loves helping Daddy cook and bake and I love having them cook and bake for me.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

Just a quick post to wish everyone a merry Christmas. We have had a wonderful Christmas so far and I think I here Santa shuffling around upstairs, so I'm sure Christmas morning will be one to remember.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Are you a child of the 90's?

Ok, a quick entry from the daddy here . . .

Back in my High School and College days, I was a HUGE Pearl Jam fan. And most Pearl Jam fans' favorite song is Yellow Leadbetter. I came across this video this morning that cracked me up. Time to share it with all of you photo junkies. Enjoy -

Friday, December 21, 2007

Daycare Christmas Party

Yesterday we were invited to Zack's daycare class' Christmas party. He has been temporarily out of daycare while I'm on maternity leave, so for over two months now. His teacher is so nice. She said he is still a part of the class and we would love for him to come. At the party she told me she misses him so bad and she keeps a class picture at her desk with Zack front and center so she can see him every day.

Zack was also invited back for the Halloween party and he clung to me the whole time and wouldn't participate in most of the activities. Addison would have been 12 days old at Halloween and he was still adjusting to his new role in the family. I was happy yesterday that he listed to the teacher, sat with his friends and I was able to hang back and keep Addison quite. A couple of the other kids were crying and clinging to their parents, but Zack was back to his old self.

I felt bad because his teacher was singing songs that he hadn't heard before, so he wasn't able to sing along or do the hand motions with the words. He was sure watching though and trying to learn. He loves to sing and he is starting to forget some of his songs, so it will be good for him to go back in three weeks.

These pictures were all taken with my point and shoot camera. I learned at the Halloween party that a camera bag, diaper bag, car seat and stroller with baby, and winter coats don't fit in a cramped classroom. I downsized this time and put Addison in the Baby Bjorn carrier, so I wore her and brought the smaller camera - much easier.

Here he is sitting next to Mrs. Sheila and soaking in the new song. He is such a teacher's pet.

The girls especially missed Zack. This girl scooted her chair as close as she could get to him and did everything she could to get his attention. I didn't get a picture of the hug.
Then the competition scoots her chair as close as she could get and makes her first move.
and Zack reciprocates. Lady in Red, "Oh no you didn't! That's my man!" (I see a cat fight starting soon)
The Lady in Red then starts seducing him with arm kisses. Luckily she stopped before she got to the neck and ear.
Listen here buddy, I'm throwing myself at you. It is time to choose her or me?!?! He soon started kicking her and I had to step in. He doesn't care for the high maintenance type and is just too young to be tied down to one girl.

Tomorrow we are leaving for our Christmas tour. In case I don't post again - I hope everyone has a safe and very merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Two Months Old

Addison turned two months old today. Time is going by so fast. She is becoming quite the talker and is such a good baby. She had her well baby check last week and weighed 11 pds 1 oz and 22 inches long. We are patiently waiting for her to start sleeping through the night. Hopefully it won't be too much longer.

We celebrated tonight by meeting my parents and my sister's family for dinner. My parents are in Florida for the winter and came home for a week for Christmas. They came back to 10 inches of snow and couldn't find any of their winter gear, except coats. I had absolutely no sympathy for their tan butts!

Here are some pictures of my big girl from today.

She has some short chubby thighs

Her first time wearing jeans and they were too cute to not get a picture

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Future Pavarotti

Some people can only sing in the shower. Zack does his singing in his diaper . . .

Two Month Later

Addison's wall behind her crib has been bare for the past two plus months because I couldn't decide what I wanted. I didn't really want to hang the quilt or have wooden wall letters because Zack's nursery had both of them and I wanted something different. I wanted Ryan to paint her name in a fun decorative way, but he chickened out. I then discovered vinyl wall letters in a baby magazine ad and after a lot of Internet surfing I found an EBay seller who does custom orders.

Last weekend Ryan, with my help, hung the phrase. It was a pain to get it lined up correctly. We had to keep adjusting it and finally Ryan made everyone leave the room so he could cuss freely. We don't work together very well under tense situations. I think the final product was worth the frustration.

closer picture of the hanging butterflies, which were also bought on EBay.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Early Christmas Gift

I was just showing Ryan my last blog post and he just couldn't handle it anymore. I guess he bought me a web address, for Christmas. He set it up so, my old address, will automatically go to He said he did it 2 weeks ago and he couldn't believe I hadn't noticed. I feel so official now!

Three Blind Mice and Two Blind Kids

Genetic cataracts run rampant on my Dad's side of the family. My Dad had them removed and he passed them to my three siblings and myself. We had Zack checked at six months old and he has them. We took him for genetic testing and the doctor said there is a 50/50 chance of getting the gene and if you don't have them you can't pass them on to your offspring.

Zack had his yearly eye checkup today. He was very excited that he got to ride the alligator (elevator) up to the doctor's office. The doctor said he now has 20/40 vision and is near sighted, boo. He doesn't need glasses yet though. The doctor had Zack sit on my lap and tell him what pictures were on the mirror, instead of reading letters. Zack did better than me at distinguishing the pictures. I was only able to tell what two of the pics were. It was cute a couple times the doctor asked him what he saw in the mirror and he answered, "Mommy!" since he was sitting on my lap and saw my reflection as I was straining to see the pictures too.

He looked at Addison's eyes while we were there and big surprise... she is blind too. He wants to see both kids again in a year, unless we see a change in their vision prior to it. I had my cataracts removed when I was five, hopefully the kid's cataracts don't effect their vision and they can wait until they are much older.

Unrelated funny story - Zack caught a bug Saturday evening and threw up in bed. Sunday he had diarrhea and got a diaper rash on his testicles. I let him run around naked from the waste down so it could heal. Now the funny part - He walked with his legs spread as wide as he could get them, so he didn't rub his testes. He is so tough he didn't let it slow him down. It wouldn't have been so funny if he laid around in pain, but he was his normal active self with a much wider stance. I felt so bad, but couldn't stop laughing. Ryan was working on a project in Addison's room and Zack was right there helping following Ryan around with trips to the garage and playing with the tools. It looked like he was riding a horse. I know I'm a bad mom.

this is a picture of Addison at one week old that got lost in the shuffle

Saturday we went to Breakfast with Santa at Purdue. Unfortunately Addison was asleep in her carrier and Ryan wouldn't let me pick her up for Santa because we still had to eat breakfast. I don't know if I want to brave the busy mall for a picture of her and Santa or not.

These were taken later the same day as the previous post. Addison received her first bows in the mail, so we had to document the occasion. I also captured her first on camera smile.
My cheerleader - Yay for babylegs and bows!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Baby Legs

I bought Addison two pairs of Baby Legs probably the day I found out I was having a girl. I've had them packed away with her larger sized clothes because I figured she'd be too small for them. Last night I was doing some online window shopping and saw pictures of tiny babies wearing them, so I immediately ran down stairs and found them. I knew they were cute, but I didn't know just how cute. I'm sure her little feet are freezing, but we have to sacrifice for fashion. Hopefully Santa will fill her stocking with one of every color. A HUGE thanks to Jaidean for letting me know they are on sale too!

On a side note (in case there are any other crazy parents out there) - the kids each have their own email addresses as of yesterday. Ryan mentioned that we should get them gmail accounts before their names are taken, so I set up accounts yesterday. Addison's name was still available, but I had to throw in Zack's middle initial. Don't expect any forwards from them for a couple more years though :)