Sunday, January 20, 2008

It Might Be, It Could Be...

I hate to even say anything because I know it will jinx me, but Zack has been doing awesome on the potty this weekend. Normally I set the microwave timer for every 30 minutes and make him go and he'll stay dry. He did awful at daycare last week, so I decided it was time for a new plan, so yesterday morning I told him that he needs to squeeze and not let his potty come out when he feels it coming. Then he needs to stop what he is doing and go to the bathroom and potty. He needs to show the potty who's the boss. Although he says, you're the boss potty, instead of I'm the boss potty.

Well, something clicked because he is going on his own without being told it is time and no timer. He'll close the door behind him and do it himself. This morning I was feeding Addison and he went to the bathroom and he came running out all excited and told me he pottied. Ryan went in about five minutes later and asked who forgot to flush. Zack forgot to mention that he pooped too. Luckily I don't think he had sat down during that five minutes because he never got wiped.

I so hope this is it and he has finally figured it out, but I'm sure there will be some setbacks. I'll keep you posted. I have Monday off for MLK, Jr. Day and I have high hopes of sending him to daycare in underwear on Tuesday.

Here are a couple from yesterday. I was trying to get some pictures for his Valentine's Day cards for daycare. These may work, but hopefully he'll cooperate for me again before it's too late.
and another one of Addison that I didn't share yesterday.


Jennifer said...

Way to go Zack on the potty!!!!

Love he pictures, the first one of Zack is just adorable.

Kimberly said...

Go Zack rockin' the potty! He looks so grown up in those pics!! And Addie looks like her dainty little self! Sooo cute!

Janice said...

Way to go, Zack!!!! I have a loooooong way to go with Cameron. I really need to get the ball rolling here. The pictures are adorable!