Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Guy!

Today is Zack's third birthday. His daycare teacher called me at 3:50 yesterday and said his glands are swollen, but he isn't complaining. I called the docter and the nurse said to watch him, but he should be fine if there are no other symptoms. He looks like a chipmunk and had a low fever again last night. No fever this morning, but he is still swollen. He is acting like his normal crazy self though. Monday he has his three year well check, but hopefully it is gone by then. Still no pox.

Addison still has a fever and refuses to sleep unless I'm holding her. We had our first co-sleeping experience last night and Ryan slept on the couch.

Hopefully the rain and the fevers go away by tomorrow's party.


Jaidean said...

Happy Birthday, Zack! I hope they are both feeling better soon!!! Cute invitation!

Tami said...

Hapy Birthday Zack! Hope you had a great weekend!!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Zack, I hope they were feeling better for the party. Love the invites!!