Thursday, January 6, 2011

Disney - Day 2

For our first Disney park we chose to visit Hollywood Studios. We really wanted to see Magic Kingdom first, but decided to save it for a warmer day. We visited Disney during the busiest time of the year, so Ryan took the lead to make sure we got the most out of our visit. He made everyone wake up early, so we could get there as the park opened and before they got too busy. He wasn't a big hit with the teenage girls in the family. He and Grandpa Jim stayed on top of the fast passes so we were able to ride most of the rides without a long wait.

This year Zack didn't care too much about the characters. He really wanted to ride the rides. I have a love/hate relationship with the Tower of Terror. We explained the ride to Zack and even let him watch on You Tube. He decided that he wanted to ride it. Let me just say, he was much braver than his mom on the ride. We bought the picture of us on the ride. I am screaming and have a death grip around George's arm, while Zack sat next to his dad like nothing was happening.

Some characters on a chilly morning.

Stevie, Riley, and Stevie's friend Cassie joined the family for the trip.

Zack and Lightning McQueen. Addie thought the roaring of his motor was too loud and didn't want to stand next to Lightning.

Addie wasn't too sure about Mike Wazowski until I showed her Boo's door behind him. She has a stuffed Sully holding Boo at home and also loves the flowers on her door in the movie.

mmm, Mickey ice cream.

It started getting cold again at night and everyone was tired, but we were really excited to see the Osborne Family Lights. They were very cool.

A video of the Osborne lights as they were flipped on.

and a video of Addie enjoying them while on Grandpa's shoulders.

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