Friday, February 2, 2007

My Shaggy Dog

Zack's hair is starting to get a little long and as my Dad would say, he looks like a shaggy dog. I've been meaning to take him in to get it cut, then Ryan said I can cut it. I just wanted it trimmed around the ears and at the neck. So, tonight Ryan gets out his grooming kit and grabs the scissors. He starts cutting around an ear and then starts busting up laughing. This is not a good sign!! He cut WAY too much off. It is shaved high all the way around his ear. Ryan now has a new respect for beauticians. We will be going to a pro tomorrow and hopefully they can fix it. Zack definitely has a good side now for photographing!

I had a little photo shoot with Zack and his shaggy dog hair on Sunday. I know he is wearing the same shirt in all of my blog entries this week - I swear they were all taken on the same day and I don't dress him in the same clothes every day.

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Jaidean said...

What?!?! No pictures of the botched haircut??? :)