Sunday, January 28, 2007

Our Weekend

We stayed home this weekend. This is our 3rd weekend in a row at home, very unusual for us. We are usually off visiting someone or have something going on on the weekends. We now have one less play to visit since my parents are spending their first winter in Florida, had to throw in a little guilt trip. We miss you!!

Friday night we went out to eat at a local Mexican restaurant. Ryan and I ate there pretty much every Friday night while I was pregnant with Zack. It always had more empty tables then full, but now the secret is out and the place is always packed. While we were eating, Zack's previous daycare provider, Ms. Connie, came in. He left her care at the end of October when he was turning 18 months to start at a center. Ms. Connie was a second mom to him and we were all so sad when it was time for him to graduate. Zack had a very hard adjustment to the center. It took about six weeks before I could leave without him bawling. It broke my heart and was ready to smuggle him back into Ms. Connie's. So, Ms. Connie came in and was talking to us and Zack just stared at her, like what are you doing outside your house? As we were leaving we went to her table and Zack went to her and gave her a big hug and kiss. It was so good to see you again Connie. We miss you and will come visit the next time I have a day off.

Saturday we met some friends in Indianapolis and did some shopping. Zack did great, sat in the stroller all day and didn't whine or try to get up, even without a nap. We didn't buy too much, but we did get a Bears cap for Zack. Ryan wanted to get an Urlacher jersey, but settled for the hat.

Today I did a little photo shoot with Zack. I will be posting pictures from it soon. I belong to a photography message board and every week we have a challenge. This week's challenge is "winter." We don't have much snow on the ground, so I couldn't take pics of Zack playing in the snow, so I decided I would go to a park with a pond and take some pictures of the ice. I didn't realize how cold it was when I left the house. I parked on the opposite side from the pond. The wind was whipping and the car thermometer said 14 degrees. I decided to take the walking trail and had better get some damn good pictures to make it worth it. By the time I got back to the car I was half frozen and none of the pictures did much for me. Everything is dead and ugly. I guess that is winter though. It did start snowing this afternoon, so hopefully we'll get some accumulation and I'll be able to find something picture worthy with snow because dead grass sure isn't pretty.
Zack is finally starting to get into his books and loves looking at the pictures. He normally doesn't stop moving long enough to read them except before bedtime. These were taken Saturday morning.

Can you kick your legs like the donkey? I can do it!

"I did it" has became Zack's favorite phrase and I credit it to this book. I have a good example from today that I'll share later this week.


Jaidean said...

Is that his nursery he is sitting in? I want to see pictures of the wall - looks very cool!!! Cute pictures!

Jami said...

yes, that is his nursery. Ryan did an awesome job painting it. He has the velour animals bedding from PBK and the animals are painted on the walls. I don't want to ever paint over it, which is why I hope we have another boy. I think I have some old pics on shutterfly or I'll take some new ones tonight.