Sunday, January 7, 2007

Practice, Practice, Practice

My lense arrived yesterday, so I have been using every available second to play with it. Wow, I have a lot to learn. I don't know how other (aspiring) photographers with the same camera as me can use it without the flash. Everything is blurry! I must figure this out soon. I'm hoping that I'll look back on this entry in a month or two and laugh, because I've got it all figured out. I also hope that there will be a huge improvement in the quality of pictures in the near future and someday I'll be able to start a business.

Here are a few recent pics with the new camera.
Zack had just woken up from his nap as I was getting the lense attached to the camera. This was my very first picture.
This was Zack this morning during breakfast eating his favorite food, an aah-pull (apple).

One more, I was trying to get Zack to lay down for a nap and Ryan decided to blast Zack's favorite song on the stereo, Black Horse and a Cherry Tree. You should here him sing the no, no, no, no's - too cute! Zack immediately started dancing and running around like a wild man.

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