Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Workin it

Work is really cutting into my blogging! I thought I'd be able to get at least one cute picture of Zack a night to post, but he doesn't stay involved in one activity long enough. Maybe I should just post pictures of the apartment we took possession of today at work - coke on the ceilings and walls, cheese smeared on the walls, an unidentified substance all over the carpet, soiled underwear on the kitchen floor, all kinds of drywall damage, the nastiest tile floors/carpet/walls you've ever seen, toilet tank lid missing, broken glass everywhere and the list goes on. Pictures anyone, I've got em? Needless to say, my maintenance men are not happy and there is no blaming the mess on the kids. This was a single 20 something female with mental problems. An elderly neighbor complained to me about her a month ago because she offered him sexual favors in exchange for a pack of cigarettes. I guess smoking is a tough addiction to break!
Maybe I should rename my blog, "Stories of the Slumlord." I could write a book over the past eight years.

Here is a picture of Zack playing in his ball pit. It is far from a great or even a just ah'ight for me dog picture, but doesn't it scream future leftie pitcher? Look at that focus


Jennifer said...

I don't have nearly as interesting job as you....but I totally agree. It would be much easier to post pictures of what I do all day at work, than the whole 2 minutes when I get home that I actually have Devin's attention for the camera.

Zack is so cute! I love that blonde hair!!

Jaidean said...

I know what you mean - it is hard to post a lot when you are working everyday! Do you think Zack is a leftie? I wish Teagun were, but I will be very suprised if he is.

Jami said...

At least I'm not the only one. I just looked at the weather forecast for the weekend and its supposed to be rainy and cloudy, so I probably won't get a good opportunity to play this weekend either.

Jaidean - Zack definitely favors his left hand in all activities. I would be surprised if he wasn't a leftie.