Monday, January 29, 2007

You asked for it!

These are for you Jaidean! I'm sure there are more than you ever wanted to see, but I couldn't stop myself! These are pictures of Zack's nursery. Ryan keeps talking about moving him to the bigger bedroom and to a big boy bed. I think Ryan has forgot how much he began to hate this project midway through it. I can't believe he is ready to tackle another room. I don't think I can have plain walls after I've seen what Ryan is capable of. I love this room and I'm not ready for Zack to grow up. I'm sure the transition will be easier on me after I go shopping at Pottery Barn Kids and fall in love with a bedding set again :)

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Jaidean said...

Wow - that is great! I'm the opposite - I painted murals on Teagun's nursery too and now I can't wait to paint over it and make it a "big boy" room! I already have the bedding and all...just waiting for him to be ready for a big bed. However, I can't wait for the next baby's room - I already have it all planned out how I am going to paint it! :) Thanks for sharing!