Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Three Months Later

I dropped Zack off at daycare this morning and his teacher gave Zack a big hug. She then told me she often thinks of Zack at night and the funny things he did during the day. She said he is such a joy and always makes her laugh with the silly things he does.

Zack started at the daycare in November and it took him about 6 weeks before I could leave in the morning without him bawling. He has two teachers in his room and he clung to the head teacher and wouldn't let the other teacher touch him. He would bawl when the head teacher left the room. He had previously been in an in-home daycare where he was the oldest child. Now he was the youngest one. I was afraid his teachers didn't care for him too much because he had a hard time adjusting to his new surroundings. It killed me as a mother and I wanted to quit my job so bad. This daycare really is the best in town and I knew he was in good hands and had to stick it out. He wouldn't be happy anywhere except Ms. Connie's (previous daycare) or at home, so I held off on looking for another daycare.

I am so happy that he has finally adjusted and his teachers get to see the silly, playful, lovable Zachary that I know. He also has his two best friends, Emmy and Cole, that he asks about all the time at home and can't wait to see in the morning, "Emmy? Cole?" It is so cute to see the hug each other.

I finally feel like he is happy, learning, and loved at daycare and that is the best feeling for a working mom!

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Jennifer said...

I have been meaning to comment on this...I am so glad you posted this and I read it. We are about to have to put Devin in daycare (after him not being in it for almost a year and a half) and I am SO worried he is going to have a hard time adjusting. It is good to hear when other kids go through the same thing and they end up adjusting fine. I totally agree that is the best feeling for a working mom.