Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Park, revisited

We went to Purdue's campus after work today and walked around. We are spending as much time outdoors as possible while the weather still allows. Ryan and I both went to Purdue and love walking around and seeing what has changed and riminiscing about the college years. I'll post some pictures tomorrow, but my laptop with PhotoShop on it isn't cooperating tonight, so I can't proof the pictures. Zack definitely loved campus, but for different reasons than Ryan and I. I'll share tomorrow :)

Here are some more pictures from the park on Saturday.

Here are a couple pictures taken while we were waiting for daddy to return with hamburger buns from the grocery store. Zack took off his rain boots and socks and thought it was the funniest thing.
and yummy toes!


Kimberly said...

He looks like such a big boy climbing up that jungle gym thing!!
Here in WV is suppose to drop back down to 40 this weekend, BOO BOO!!!

Jaidean said...

That last picture cracks me up! That is funny!

Janice said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the last one!!!
He looks like he's really enjoying munching on his toes ;-).