Monday, March 12, 2007

Playing Outside

Zack has pottied on the potty chair two nights in a row, yay! Only problem is he starts going and then gets excited and grabs himself and stops his stream. I also noticed tonight that he has started saying you're welcome when someone says thank you to him. He usually just repeats thank you. He is growing up too fast.

We are loving the warmer weather and the time change. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 75 degrees! Then snow returns for Friday and Saturday, boo! Tonight after work we played outside. Zack loves playing all sports and all balls.

Here, Ryan is trying to teach Zack to catch a hiked ball. We have to work on his stance.

Zack then thought mommy was looking thirsty from all the picture taking. He ran into the garage and came out yelling, mommy beer, mommy beer. Only seven more months and I'll accept that beer buddy! He is going to have fun this summer at the lake. He will be everyone's favorite bartender.


Janice said...

Jami, these pictures are great!!! I love the one one where he's holding a beer!

I have to ask, how did you get Zack to start going on the potty? I'm sort of dreading it because I never know when he goes in his diaper - except when he goes #2 - he gets red in the face.

Hope all is well!

Jami said...

Janice - I only put him on it before his bath. We use a seat on top of the toilet, so I don't have to clean a little potty after every time. He doesn't seem to mind it so I probably won't get a potty chair. He usually asks to go potty or pulls out the ring. He just likes playing with the toilet paper and flushing the toilet, but doesn't usually produce anything. He still has a long way to go. Right now its just a toy and I'm not pushing it.

Jennifer said...

I am loving this weather too. Looks like you guys had fun. Devin is the same way with balls & sports, he loves them all. Him bringing you a beer is just too cute! Sounds like you guys are doing great with the potty, Devin will pull his seat out and sit on it but has yet to produce anything :-)

Jaidean said...

Gotta love spring, huh??? :)

CUTE pictures!!! They made me lol!

I'm jealous he has gone potty twice already. I am into serious bribery with Teagun (I have 5 little trucks and tractors sitting on the bathroom counter that he can only look at until he goes then he gets to choose one) has got him to sit on the toilet a lot more, but he still hasn't gone yet!

Anne said...

That is too cute!!! Mike tries to teach Ethan how to hike, and Ethan takes the ball and takes off. If you say "touchdown", he'll raise both his hands. LOL~ I wish it were 75 here though! It's supposedly around 50 right now... but there's rain in the forecast for the weekend. Bummer! Oh and congrats to Zack! I'll have to get some potty training advice from you when we get there.... :)

NicoleBrackPhotography said...

OMG the butt and beer pictures crack me up!!