Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Eggs

Saturday we colored Easter eggs with Zack's cousins. He loved coloring the eggs, but wasn't very gental with them. I was amazed that he didn't stain his clothes. I just knew I'd be throwing them away when we were done. I couldn't believe he didn't end up with any brown eggs. I think he dipped each egg in every color he could reach.

The spoon was a little too hard to work, so he decided to use his fingers.
What boy doesn't like a good mess?
The final touches - stickers with Grandma
and then you smash the egg on the table, like I said we have to work on being gental. I think he cracked every egg he colored.

Riley showing off her creation
and Stevie's work of art, "I (heart symbol) bunny"


Jaidean said...

That's great! You are brave! I didn't even attempt coloring eggs this year!

Jennifer said...

I can't believe he didn't mess up his clothes. I agree with Jaidean you are very brave. We completely passed on the egg coloring this year. Looks like Zack had fun though!

Jami said...

I agree with both of you! I was planning on skipping the eggs and then MIL and SIL starting getting out the stuff, so I had no choice. I'm glad we did it now. I just didn't want his clothes ruined, but we kept a close eye on him and he absolutely loved it.

Janice said...

I love dyeing Easter eggs! I never did it when I was little (not a bu=ig tradition in the Philippines), so I was excited to let Cameron try it. Zack looks like he really got into it :-). That's great! I love Riley's face showing off her egg!

Anne said...

awwwww.... zack is all into it!!!! that's awesome. not too surprised about the breaking part though, lol. looks like you guys had a blast!