Monday, April 2, 2007


Here are a couple pictures from last week. It is supposed to turn cold again soon and snow for Easter, boo! I thought winter was finally behind us.

I think Zack looks so big in the first picture. His face is really filling out and he is becoming less and less of a baby. Speaking of babies, #2 is the size of a lime! We are getting there slowly.


Janice said...

Zack does look like a big boy even from just looking at his pictures from a couple of months ago! I remember when I first gave birth to Ava and Cameron wasn't even 1 yet, but when I saw the two of them together Cameron just looked so big! Still lovin' the shirt (of course!).
Great pictures! Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts! We're also going to have snow the next couple of days. Poo. :-(

Jennifer said...

He does look like such a big boy, it seems to happen overnight. One day they are your baby and the next they are your little boy.

Enjoy the warm weather. It is the same way here. We are in the mid 80's today and then Saturday (for Devin's Birthday Party) they are calling for a high of 50 :-(

Love the shirt!