Friday, May 4, 2007

Chicago, part two

Navy Pier had a Build-A-Bear store, so we let the kids build a new friend. They had so much fun and so did the parents.

Zack picking out his doggie. He was seriously thinking about the pink bear next to the dog and I was getting nervous.

Abi getting her bunny stuffedand picking out a heart for the bunny

Zack helping stuff his doggie
and putting the heart inside
giving the bunny a bath
doggie's turn
time to get dressed
entering information for the birth certificate
doggie gets a big kiss and hug
you can never have too many guitars
Abi and Zack with their new friends

Introducing Abi the ballerina bunny and Ruff-Ruff the doggie with two pooped kiddos. I don't think Zack understood when we asked what he wanted to name his doggie and he answered Ruff-Ruff, but we thought it was a cute name anyway.

After Build-A-Bear both kids were half asleep and ready for naps, so we decided it was time to end our mini vacation and head home.

Now the scary part... I didn't want this to overshadow the fun we had in Chicago, but decided to go ahead and add it to this post.

We left Chicago and drove to my in-law's house to pick up our dog. We were then on our way home to unwind before work the next morning, but someone had another idea. We were in a car accident on the way home. We were almost stopped while waiting for a car ahead of us to turn into a driveway. A guy in a heavy duty work truck wasn't paying attention (speed limit was 55) and slammed into the back of us and pushed us into another car. He said he was looking at a boat that was for sale beside the road and didn't see us stopped. We could hear him slam on the breaks and Ryan said he was going to hit us. I felt so helpless. I couldn't protect Zack or the unborn baby. So, I braced myself and the next thing I know something keeps hitting me on the back of my head. I thought it was Ryan's golf clubs. I tried to duck out of the way, but can't bend my waist because of my big pregnant belly. I opened my eyes once the crash ended and our 70 pound dog is sitting on my lap. He got thrown from the back of the SUV to the front windshield and on my lap in the passenger seat. The dog was scared to death, along with the rest of us. Zack had a horribly frightened face and was whimpering, but calmed down once I started talking to him.

Ryan and I have sore muscles and bruises but are fine otherwise. I had a huge headache from the dog hitting me. Zack showed no signs of injury. Thank God for seat belts and car seats. I went to the doctor the next day and they listened to the baby's heartbeat. The doctor said the heartbeat was strong and the baby is well protected inside the belly.

The back hatch of our SUV is mutilated and the back windshield broke out, the spare tire underneath the car was laying along side the road and the front bumper came off. The air bags didn't go off and should have (thank God for seat belts, but poor dog.) The insurance adjuster is going on Monday to look at our SUV. We will then find out if it is a total loss or not and go from there.

We had stopped at Burger King for lunch shortly before the accident. When we got hit the food just went flying. There was lettuce and mayonnaise on the windshield and dashboard and Diet Coke spilled everywhere. Hopefully they clean it up before we get the car back, if we get it back. It will be pretty nasty in there if it sits for weeks.

I thought about taking pictures of the accident, but couldn't bring myself to do it. I was too upset about what could have happened to my family and loved everything about my Honda Pilot and hated to see it crushed. Luckily the driver tried to stop before hitting us or we would have ended up in the hospital. My brother cleaned out everything we left behind, so I don't know if I'll see it again before it is fixed or totaled. But, I think I can take a picture now if I get the chance.

When I was pregnant with Zack we were hit by a car by the passenger front tire, where I was sitting. It was at a slower speed and not as serious. Ryan said that we are not having any more kids because we are in an accident each pregnancy and they are getting progressively worse.


Janice said...

Oh, my goodness, what a scary thing to have that happen while you're pregnant - and twice! I am so glad you and your family are ok!

Janice said...
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Jennifer said...

How scary! I am so glad you guys are OK.

That is such a cute story about build a bear. As you know, Devin loved it too! Devin had that same outfit on his doggie at one point. I thought it was SO cute!

Jaidean said...

I'm so glad you guys are ok - scary!!!
I really need to take Teagun the this build-a-bear place...seems like a place he would really enjoy! Cute pictures! Glad you guys had a great trip!

Kimberly said...

I'm so glad that no one was hurt...I can't even imagine how scared you guys were.
Oh a happy note it looks like you had a great trip.