Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Weekend

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend. We spent it at the lake. It was a little too rainy for my taste, but we made the most of it. Ryan, with the help of some friends and family, got our fixer-upper trailer in a much more livable condition. Friday my Dad helped with the tub surround, so now we can shower without water leaking through the wall and Saturday friends and my brother helped lay the carpet, so we don't have cement floors anymore. They also moved a bedroom wall to make the kids room bigger. He is slowly getting through the list of projects, now the major projects move to the outside. We need to paint, redo the soffits, and put up some vinyl siding. I know the projects are overwhelming for my computer tech husband, but he is doing a wonderful job and discovering new skills. I love you Ryno!!

Ryan did get to enjoy some of the holiday. Sunday his sister's family came and visited, our first over night guests. Lets just say that Monday morning I was the only adult that wasn't regretting staying up all night and drinking too much. Zack also regretted staying up too late on Sunday night. Monday at 11:45, he normally naps at 1:00, he grabbed my hand and walked me back to his crib and asked to take a nap. This never happens, especially when we have company and kids to play with!! He slept for 3 hrs 15 min, normally takes a 2 hour nap. He can't handle the long weekends either.

Here is a picture of Ryan, our niece Riley, Zack and Ryan's sister Terri. Terri wanted to make sure I captured the short legs that run in the family. None of them could reach the ground without stretching.


Janice said...

You are so lucky you have a place to go to on the weekends! It's cute how Zack asked to take a nap - he must have had a great time!

Love the pic - very funny. :-)

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend. That is too cute that Zack asked for a nap. Devin has done that maybe once but it really suprised me. I know that feels good getting some projects accomplished too.

Cute pic!