Monday, June 4, 2007

Hot Summer Day - FINALLY!

We had a fun weekend at the lake and finally had a warm weekend day on Saturday, but Sunday it rained. Zack played with his Elmo sprinkler for the first time. It is adjustable and lets off a nice soft mist, which is great for little ones and for adults that don't want to get soaked. Later in the day we went on our first boat ride of the season. The past two years Zack instantly fell asleep in the boat and was rarely awake to remember any of the ride, so I was anxious to see if he would sleep this year. We left right at nap time, but he was loving helping to drive the boat and looking at the other boats and jet skis and didn't have time for a nap. He did finally fall asleep in grandpa's arms an hour or so into the ride. His daycare teacher said he kept talking about the boat today. After the boat ride we went down by the swimming area and he swam in the lake for the first time this year. I was afraid the water would be freezing, but it wasn't too bad. Zack had no fear of the water. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or bad, but he loved every second of swimming and was upset when it was time to get out for dinner.

Here are some pictures from the sprinkler.


Jaidean said...

Cute! I need to go to the store and find a cute kid sprinkler like that. Teagun ran through the sprinkler for the first time this weekend, but just a regular one and we had to keep the spray pretty low. I love summer!!!

Kimberly said...

What a cool sprinkler! He looks soooo happy playing with it!

Jennifer said...

That looks like so much fun. Devin loves the water too. Summertime is just so much fun. Sounds like a fun weekend (well minus the rain).

Janice said...

Oooh, the kids just got the exact same sprinkler for their birthday - can't wait to try it out - meaning me - not the kids (he-he!).

How cute is his expression??? He is adorable! Love the swim trunks, too!