Thursday, June 28, 2007


Zack's daycare teacher told me a cute story this morning. Yesterday they were sitting in a circle and the kids were taking turns picking songs to sing. It was Zack's turn and she asked him what song he wanted to hear and he answered, "Easter Bunny." She was confused but decided to sing an Easter song for him. After she was done he said, "Again!" I guess she sang it five times with him asking again after each time. She then told him it was time to sing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes. Zack then put his hand in her face and said, "No, again!" So she sang it one more time and then moved on to the next song. She said it was really cute. I told her that he has a stretchy rubber Easter bunny that he got in his basket from Grandma Sharon and he plays with it constantly.

When she started telling me the story, I was afraid she was going to say he wanted to hear the Dirty Bill song. It's a song that a friend at the lake taught him. Her husband's name is Bill and Zack now refers to him as Dirty Bill.

Dirty Bill, Dirty Bill
Lives on top of garbage hill
never ever took a bath
Dirty Bill

Here is a picture from May of Zack helping Dirty Bill drive the boat.

and some other random pictures that haven't been posted. Zack and Mommy jumping off the raft a couple weeks ago.

My nephew Cody's 7th birthday party a couple weeks ago too.

What Cody ate while the rest of us had DQ ice cream cake. He doesn't like sweets.

Lindsey, sneaking some cake, and Courtney waiting her turn

Cody's new wheels

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