Sunday, July 1, 2007

Dancing Machine

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. We went to the lake and celebrated the 4th of July with lots of activities. Zack has wiped on Sunday. Saturday night he went to his first dance and had a blast dancing. By the time I took him home he could barely stay awake.
Here he is showing off some moves. This pose totally reminds me of my dad dancing and his signature move.

Zack was quite the ladies man. Here he is dancing with his cousin Courtney. He loved the DJ lights and wouldn't take his eyes off of them, as you can see in every picture.

and of course mommy had to steal a dance. I'm so happy I finally have a dancing partner.

Courtney and a completely beat Zack.

Zack and Olivia - no relation to this cutie!

The ladies man with his chicks, although he cares more about the DJ lights than the babes.


Janice said...

Hey, maybe he should've worn his "Ladies Man" t-shirt!

Jaidean said...

Love the first dancing picture - too funny! Teagun's always my dancing partner too since Trevor doesn't dance and I love too! :) Looks like a lot of fun!