Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vacation - Part 3

On the evening of the 4th we decided to take two boat loads of people to Indiana Beach to watch the fireworks. We debated about going because there was a chance of thunderstorms. Ryan checked out the Internet and said good news and bad news it is a small cloud, but it is yellow, but there is a chance that it will miss us. We decided to take our chances and go for it. It is probably a 45 minute idle boat ride to The Beach and we started getting dark clouds on the way up, but we forged on. Ryan checked the Internet again, via the cell phone, and the cloud had now grown from small to very large. We got there just before dark and then the fireworks started, soon afterwards the dark clouds and lightning started getting closer. We decided to skip the grand finale and high tail it home. My parent's pontoon boat has a roof over it, so we did some shuffling and my dad was in charge of the women and children. The men went in the ski boat with no roof. The roof helped for a while, but soon it started down pouring and we were all drenched. Luckily we had lots of blankets and beach towels and the 4 toddlers and 1 8'ish year old kid stayed relatively dry and all fell asleep. I don't think I've ever seen that much lightning. I kept praying to myself that we wouldn't get electrocuted. My dad was an awesome captain, except for one quick detour into a bay, and got us home in record time.

Here is a picture of 4 women, 4 toddlers and an 8'ish year old after we made it safely back to the boat lift. The kids were all covered under the towels and one under the table. We will definitely have to check with, and listen to, the weather man before the Labor Day fireworks.

The 5th was a nice day. Zack and I both took naps, while Ryan played on my cousin's jet ski. We then went out in my parent's pontoon and swam at a sandbar for the afternoon. That evening the clouds started rolling in again and we got a nice shower. After it was over Zack couldn't resist the water puddles.


Janice said...

What an exciting night you guys had!! Those lightnings can be scary.

No toddler can ever resist jumping on puddles - Zack is such a cutie!!

Jennifer said...

Whoa, that sounds so scary. I would have been freaking out. Glad you guys made it home safe.

Cute pictures of Zack in the water puddles.

Jaidean said...

Scary! I love that last picture where he is jumping in the puddle - too cute!