Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why? Why Mommy? Why?

For months Zack has been asking, What's that?, continuously, well it has quickly been replaced with, Why? I guess he now knows what everything is and now wants to know how it all works. It is cute at the beginning, but then he starts sounding like a broken record, why?, why?, why?... I was hoping he was going to skip the Why? phase in place of the What's that? phase, but no luck.

I had another OB appointment today. I took the one hour glucose test (orange drink). It tasted as nasty as I remembered, but I managed to keep it down. I have to call tomorrow for the test results. Everything else looked good. The doctor said I was measuring on schedule, which made me feel good because that is how we found out Zack was having problems, hopefully Addie keeps growing and doesn't follow after her big brother.

Last night we met my sister and her family at the county fair. We walked around and saw all the animals and Zack loved every second of it. He had never seen farm animals up close before and I wasn't sure if the size would scare him, but he did great. He even listened to us when we told him not to touch or told him to stop because he was getting too far ahead weaving between people and he even held my hand when I asked him to (most of the time). I was pleasantly amazed by my little wild animal. Maybe there is hope that he'll stay by me when I am carrying the baby and he is walking.

This horse would nod his head when we said hi or bye, so the kids thought he was pretty cool.

Tomorrow we are supposed to meet my sister and her family again at a local waterpark for family night. We haven't been there before but it sounds like they have a great area for little kids. Hopefully the weather is nice and I get some good pictures, because I've offically ran out of blogging material.
I took Zack for a long overdue haircut tonight. He looks like a different kid. She took trim to the extreme, but he needed it. Now I'm worried that he will get a sunburn on his head because his hair is so thin. Hopefully I'll get some pictures of the new do tomorrow at the pool.


Jaidean said...

lol...I have officially ran out of blogging material too! :) I have been so horrible about taking pictures lately! We have a parade, amusement park, and waterpark events planned for this weekend though, so hopefully it will pick up again next week!
Teagun is into the "repeat absolutely EVERYTHING you say" stage. Sounds like he is trying to be funny by playing that copy-cat game that older kids play, but he doesn't even know it is annoying yet! I hope this phase passes quickly!

Janice said...

Ditto on the blogging material! I was so glad Brianne tagged me - I wish I read this first and would've tagged you too. Unless of course you don't want to be tagged , then it's ok. I'm rambling. Anyway, Cameron has not asked the "Why" question yet, thank goodness. I think it would really drive me crazy if he did.

Can't wait to see pics of his new haircut!

Do you really just have 80 more days to go?? Wow, it seems like the days are flying!!