Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I haven't decided what Zack will be for Halloween, but I can take one costume off of the list. We went to Sam's Club this evening and as I was checking out Ryan decided to distract Zack by checking out the Halloween decorations. I guess there was a life sized - motion activated pirate with a funky light up eye and Zack started crying and clinging to daddy the instant he saw him. He even had to tell the receipt checker about the scary pirate as we leaving, while still clinging to dad. He asked multiple times throughout the night if the pirate was going to get him and even called me in about a half hour after he went to bed to ask if the pirate would get him. Ryan didn't help by referencing the pirate a couple times and refreshing Zack's memory.

I showed Zack pictures of him in his Halloween costume last year and some costumes in a catalog and tried to explain Halloween and trick or treating, but I don't think he is convinced that he is safe from the pirate. It should be an interesting Halloween this year.

Here is a picture of Zack pre-pirate when he didn't have any stresses in his life.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Volleyball Fun

We had a nice weekend at the lake, even though the weather wasn't the best. They had received over 6 inches of rain during the week, so there were puddles everywhere and the beach was pretty muddy. Sunday we finally got some sunshine and things started to dry. Ryan's mom and her fiance came down on Saturday and spent the weekend with us. Zack had fun dragging them into the cold water and muddy beach.

This is my nephew Cody playing volleyball

Zack getting some hang time courtesy of Grandma Sharon

and moving on to soccer

and finally, clown practice? While he was running and kicking the ball he accidently stepped on top of it and fell on his bottom. He thought it was pretty fun, so he then began doing it on purpose, luckily he is short and doesn't have far to fall.

Growing Belly

Here is my latest belly picture. It was taken last Thursday when I was 32 weeks and 4 days along, the day after the ultrasound.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Doctor Appointment

I had a doctor's appointment this morning and I told the OB I was worried b/c I wasn't gaining weight and reminded him about the problems Zack had towards the end. He said I've gained 22 pds since my first visit. I asked how much since my last visit and he said 2 1/2 pds (I think that was the number). Its been 5 weeks since I was last there. He then measured the uterus and didn't tell me the number (he never tells me), but suggested we do an ultrasound just to make sure everything was ok. My plan going in was to get another ultrasound, so I was very happy he didn't just blow me off like he did with Zack.

The technician squeezed me in and everything looked fine. The fluid level was a little low, but said not to be concerned. She said the OB may want another ultrasound later to make sure it doesn't go down lower. The baby weighed 3 pds something (I need to take a notepad with me) and measured to be due on 10/15. The 1st ultrasound she measured for 10/18 and my original due date is 10/14, so she is right in there. AND she is still a she! I feel much better now about painting over the nursery and all the clothes I've bought. Addie wouldn't take her hand away from the face, so the tech couldn't get any good 3D/4D shots. The new machine also could run some test on the umbilical cord that they couldn't do with the old one. It was showing multicolored stuff flowing through it and she said she'd give the report to the doctor, but it looked fine. The report would be used to compare to a future ultrasound, if needed. Zack's umbilical cord had "excessive narrowing and twisting," so I'm very happy they can test the cord now. So I feel much better about my comparably small belly! I go back in 2 weeks, 9/5.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Couple of Sickies

Zack and I have both been under the weather. He has thrown up once a day, Tuesday - Friday, but has acted fine otherwise with little to no fever and didn't have to miss any daycare because he didn't show any other signs of being sick. Friday night, right after eating three pieces of pizza, he starting walking towards Ryan, who was laying on the floor, with his hands in the air like he wanted to be picked up. All of a sudden, he let it rip all over his dad. Ryan couldn't stop laughing, Zack couldn't stop puking and I had to control myself from heaving too. We are still crossing our fingers that he doesn't get sick today, Saturday.

Update: five days and counting. He got sick at the dinner table tonight :(

I started feeling bad Thursday evening and got sick once and Friday was just plain horrible. I think the only thing on daytime TV are food shows and birth stories with complications, neither of which I could stomach. Today I have no energy, achy, no appetite, but haven't thrown up, so things are starting to look up.

Needless to say, we didn't make it to the lake this weekend like we had planned. It was only in the 70's today, so at least we didn't miss a hot weekend. Tonight is a Jimmy Buffett party at the local lake bar and since I'm pregnant, I wasn't really looking forward to seeing all the parrotheads drinking margaritas and Coronas while I drank water. Although, I would have got some great pictures and probably wouldn't have broke my camera like I did at last year's party.

In honor of the Buffett party tonight, here are some pictures from last year's party.

My dad, sister and mom

Cheers to pregnant Jami!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Zackerdoo, Where are you?

I wanted to get some pictures of our nightly game before (1) Zack outgrows it or (2) he gets kicked off the diaper changer by his sister. Every night I give Zack a bath and then we have to call for daddy to come in the room while Zack "hides" from him. He is getting better now at hiding and keeping still. He used to kick his feet and get really excited when daddy was searching and calling his name. He reminded me of a puppy wagging his tail.

I wonder at what age they realize they aren't actually hidden?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bedroom Progress

Zack's new room is slowly coming together. I bought two signs on Ebay and they were both delivered today. Ryan was excited to get them hung on the walls.

He hasn't started on Addison's nursery yet. I guess he isn't as excited about flowers and butterflies. We did buy the paint yesterday though, so hopefully we'll get started soon.

We still need to refinish Zack's dresser and I plan to make a trip to Pottery Barn Kids next week to buy window panels for Zack's room and a list of things for Addison's room.

Here are some pictures of the progress. I will try to take more of a room shot once we get closer to finishing it.

Ryan's favorite - the black on the bottom is a chalkboard. I wasn't planning on it turning into strickly a baseball room, but it seems to have worked out that way.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Zack is doing great in the new room and twin bed. I actually had to threaten him with the crib at naptime due to excessive playing in bed and he instantly laid down and fell asleep. We still need to refinish the dresser, but it has been too hot outside to work on it. I also bought a sign on Ebay for his room and am bidding on a second. I can't wait to finish it. We also need to start on the nursery. Hopefully this week we can pick out the paint color and start priming the walls. I need to convince Ryan to do something fun on the walls, so I don't get too upset about painting over Zack's animal murals. I'm 31 weeks today - only 9 more weeks! Single digits, ahhh!!!

We spent the weekend at the lake. It was HOT and we stayed close to the water all weekend. I put a swim diaper on Zack this morning and Ryan asked Zack who was on his diaper. He answered, Spiderman, and then Ryan asked what Spiderman was doing. Zack's answer, he is coming out of my butt. OMG! I totally wasn't expecting that answer! He cracks me up.

This morning Zack went tubing with his cousins and had a blast. He started off great on his own and then decided that he wanted dad to ride with him. This was only his second time tubing. Uncle Jerm didn't show any mercy and the kids loved it.

(I screwed up and had my ISO at 1600 - grrr!)

look Mom, no hands!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Fast Asleep

Ryan stayed home today and worked on Zack's big boy room. He stayed up late putting the twin bed together and then today hung a couple things on the wall and moved his bookcase and a couple other things over from the other room. We still need to refinish the dresser, buy some prints or something to hang on the walls, new window treatments, and a closet organizer or shelves for the closet so things don't keep piled on the floor.

It came time for bed and Zack said he wanted to sleep in his big boy bed. We were planning on waiting a few more days because the room isn't completed yet, but I didn't want to discourage his enthusiasm. We read a book tucked him in and he wimpered a little, but was ok. He aked for me a couple times, which isn't unusual, and about 20 minutes later was sound asleep in the big boy bed. I didn't think there was any chance that he would actually fall asleep. I figured he would crawl out of the bed and then I'd put him in the crib for the night.

I am excited to start working on Addison's nursery, but really sad that my baby is growing up.

I will take some pictures of the room, hopefully tomorrow. I love how it looks so far. It is so much bigger than his other room, but I'm sure it will get filled up quickly.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Rainy Weekend

We spent the weekend at the lake. What we thought would be a 90+ degree sunny weekend ended up being an overcast, rainy, muggy, but still hot, weekend. We left early today since it was raining and went home to workeon Zack's new room. We got everything cleared out of the room and moved to the basement. The basement now needs some major organization though, but at least we can now work on the bedroom. We decided to buy a twin sized bunk bed, since we'll need a bed for Zack at the lake too. Ryan is getting ready to tackle the assembly of the beds, so I better get to sleep before the cursing begins. The beds will be split up for now and then when Addison is out of the crib, we'll have a bunk bed at the lake for their room and we'll have to figure out something else for Zack's room at home. We still have lots of projects, but hopefully this will be the week to get them done. I can't wait till I'm able to show off the finished rooms.

Zack went potty this morning and then put his shorts back on all by himself! He grabbed his rain boots and was ready to go splash in the puddles. He couldn't understand why mom and dad wouldn't let him go outside. Something didn't look quite right!?!?

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tales from the Potty

I received another cute call from Zack's daycare today. His teacher said he woke up from his nap and she put him on the potty chair. He tooted and said, "Pop goes the weasel", and then proceeded to go poo poo. I have no idea where that came from. I've used that phrase while playing with toys that pop, but not on the potty chair. He was all excited and his BM and wanted to call me. Zack then got on the phone and told me all about it. He cracks me up!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Heat Wave

It has been in the 90's this week and this pregnant woman isn't liking it. My feet look like balloons. We have found ways to keep cool though. Monday and Tuesday we played in the sprinkler and tonight we met my sister's family at a water park after work. We had planned on going last week, but the weather didn't cooperate. Today was more than perfect for it, but it was packed too. I did run into my roommate from college that I haven't seen in years, so I was pretty psyched about that. She has two boys now. Its amazing how life changes.

Zack had a blast at the water park. He was jumping into the water off the wall and going all the way under. I couldn't get him out of the water fast enough to do it again. Being the overprotective mother that I am, I had never dreamed of letting him go under before. I should have known he would love it. I tried to get some pictures at the water park, but there were too many people and too much splashing. Plus my little dare devil was walking around in neck deep water with no worries. I don't know how I'll handle two kids going in opposite directions, being overprotective and all :)

Here are a few sprinkler pictures. Ryan had just mowed, so grass was everywhere.