Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Couple of Sickies

Zack and I have both been under the weather. He has thrown up once a day, Tuesday - Friday, but has acted fine otherwise with little to no fever and didn't have to miss any daycare because he didn't show any other signs of being sick. Friday night, right after eating three pieces of pizza, he starting walking towards Ryan, who was laying on the floor, with his hands in the air like he wanted to be picked up. All of a sudden, he let it rip all over his dad. Ryan couldn't stop laughing, Zack couldn't stop puking and I had to control myself from heaving too. We are still crossing our fingers that he doesn't get sick today, Saturday.

Update: five days and counting. He got sick at the dinner table tonight :(

I started feeling bad Thursday evening and got sick once and Friday was just plain horrible. I think the only thing on daytime TV are food shows and birth stories with complications, neither of which I could stomach. Today I have no energy, achy, no appetite, but haven't thrown up, so things are starting to look up.

Needless to say, we didn't make it to the lake this weekend like we had planned. It was only in the 70's today, so at least we didn't miss a hot weekend. Tonight is a Jimmy Buffett party at the local lake bar and since I'm pregnant, I wasn't really looking forward to seeing all the parrotheads drinking margaritas and Coronas while I drank water. Although, I would have got some great pictures and probably wouldn't have broke my camera like I did at last year's party.

In honor of the Buffett party tonight, here are some pictures from last year's party.

My dad, sister and mom

Cheers to pregnant Jami!


Janice said...

Sorry you guys are under the weather. Hope you feel better soon. I would've loved to have gone to that Jimmy Buffet party! :D

Jennifer said...

I hope you guys are feeling better. That Jimmy Buffet party looks like a blast!