Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Heat Wave

It has been in the 90's this week and this pregnant woman isn't liking it. My feet look like balloons. We have found ways to keep cool though. Monday and Tuesday we played in the sprinkler and tonight we met my sister's family at a water park after work. We had planned on going last week, but the weather didn't cooperate. Today was more than perfect for it, but it was packed too. I did run into my roommate from college that I haven't seen in years, so I was pretty psyched about that. She has two boys now. Its amazing how life changes.

Zack had a blast at the water park. He was jumping into the water off the wall and going all the way under. I couldn't get him out of the water fast enough to do it again. Being the overprotective mother that I am, I had never dreamed of letting him go under before. I should have known he would love it. I tried to get some pictures at the water park, but there were too many people and too much splashing. Plus my little dare devil was walking around in neck deep water with no worries. I don't know how I'll handle two kids going in opposite directions, being overprotective and all :)

Here are a few sprinkler pictures. Ryan had just mowed, so grass was everywhere.


Kimberly said...

ahh....I don't know why but wet grass on my feet and or body drives me NUTS! So I HATED the slip-n-slide. Zack obviously doesn't have an issue with it!

Jennifer said...

Looks like Zack is having so much fun in the water. Devin loves the water too and I love it. So many kids are scared of it, and I was afraid he would be one of them. I hope it cools off a little for you guys soon.