Friday, September 28, 2007

Baby Update

I had a doctor's appointment today. We talked about the ultrasound results from Tuesday. He said the baby looked fine, but is small. He doesn't think anything is wrong, but he wants to error on the side of caution and have weekly ultrasounds to watch the fluid level and baby's activity. I go back on Thursday, 10/4. It looks like Addison is following in her LITTLE brother's footsteps :(

I'm sorry that I've been a major photo slacker this week. I have had so much going on at work, 2 shootings, emergency eviction, 2 fires, 100 new leases, relocating the office, processing rent changes, new move ins, budgets, training my assistant for my maternity leave and the list goes on, but it is the weekend and I'm trying to forget. I have came home completely brain fried all week. I haven't felt this way from work since I started almost nine years ago and ran through a red light on my way home and t-boned another car because I was completely exhausted from information overload. Anyway, I hope to get the circus pictures off of my camera tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ultrasound #3

No baby yet. I had a third ultrasound today because I haven't been gaining weight and my uterus isn't growing. The technician said everything looked fine and she didn't see anything to be concerned about. The baby weighs 5 pds 13 oz, which is bigger than Zack was when he was born. She said the due date according to size is 10/23. My actual due date is 10/14 and the 1st ultrasound said 10/18, the 2nd said 10/15 and now 10/23. She is definitely tapering off on growing and I'll be sure to ask the doctor on Friday, but the tech wasn't concerned. She said the baby is plenty active and its the ones that don't move much that make her worry.

Three ultrasounds and still a girl! I could actually see it this time without a doubt.

We had fun at the circus, but I haven't had a chance to get the pictures off the camera. Hopefully I'll get some pictures posted tomorrow. I am wiped right now and going to bed early.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Blog News Update

We are slowly recovering from the fire at work. My office has been moved and I finally got all my phone lines installed yesterday although now voicemail isn't working. I'm still waiting on the internet. I'm starting to get the shakes. One whole week with no internet at work! How does a person do it? I need to start bringing in Sudoku puzzles to waste time I guess. Hopefully it will be ready Monday because I actually have some work-related internet business that I need to have done before the end of the month.

Zack isn't kicking butt on the potty like he did in the last post, but he is still doing pretty well with a couple of wet/dirty diapers here and there. I still haven't gave him the firetruck. I think he has lost sight of his goal, a firetruck with a big big ladder. His teacher suggested I cut out a picture from the box and put it on the fridge to show him what he is working towards. I still need to do it though.

In other news, I had an OB appointment today. Just over three weeks left. It has gone by so fast. Addison hasn't started her decent yet. My cervix isn't doing anything, but she is head down. I told the doctor I was still concerned about my weight and the size of the baby. He said I've gained 18 pounds since my first appointment at 10 weeks. Also, my uterus hasn't grown since my last appointment two weeks ago, so we are going to have a third ultrasound done on Tuesday morning. I didn't have time today and Tuesday was the tech's next available appointment.

When I was pregnant with Zack I had the same issues and they started making me take multiple non-stress tests and then stress tests, until I was finally induced two weeks later. They warned us that he may be born with cerebral palsy or something else wrong because he may not be getting enough oxygen. Ryan and I were both wrecks for those two weeks and took turns breaking down and being the shoulder to lean on. He ended up having dead spots on the placenta and "excessive narrowing and twisting" of the umbilical cord and spent six days in NICU with no long term problems. I am praying that Addison does not follow in her big brother's footsteps and make her parents panic. I am staying positive until Tuesday. She is definitely active, so that keeps me assured. I will keep you posted.

In happier news, we are going to the lake Saturday morning and then to the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus on Sunday with my sister and her family. I haven't been to the circus since I was very little and never to a Ringling Bros. Circus. I can't wait to see Zack's reaction to the big top. Hopefully I will be able to smuggle my camera inside the gate. I have a bad feeling they won't allow it because it looks professional. Maybe I should just show them my blog pictures and they will know I'm far from a pro.

Here are some pictures from August that got lost in the shuffle.

Zack and Ryan playing football

Sammy actually allowing Zack to touch him, a very rare moment. Sammy, actually, just in the past week will let Zack pet him without total fear for his life. Last weekend he even laid on the floor by Zack's bed while Zack was napping. Just when he is starting to get used to the little man we bring home another munchkin to poke his eyes out. Poor dog!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Is that a light?

Sunday Zack did really good with potty training. He wore his big boy underwear from morning until nap time and kept them dry the entire time, about five hours. He even started telling me when he had to potty, something he has never done. For the last couple of weeks he has been grabbing his bottom before pooping, but nothing before peeing. Monday morning he wanted to wear his big boy underwear to daycare, but I told him he had to keep his diaper dry before we tried underwear at daycare. Monday night his teacher said he isn't ready for underwear at daycare. He didn't stay dry or tell her when he needed to go. On the way home on Monday we stopped and bought our first pull-ups. Tuesday morning we put on the pull-ups and he was very excited. We get to daycare, they are talking about firemen/trucks this week, and a boy in his class brought in a large toy firetruck at the teachers request. Zack wanted to play with the truck so bad, but the boy wasn't ready to share. I was trying to pump Zack up about telling his teacher when he needed to potty, keeping the diaper dry, and getting lots of stickers (earned from going on potty). Zack was still pretty preoccupied with the firetruck, so I then had the bright idea to use bribery. I told him I'd buy him a big firetruck with a big big ladder, if he stayed dry and told his teachers when he needed to go on the potty. He was pumped!

I got a call from his teacher a couple hours later and she said he is doing great today and Zack wanted to tell me, so I talked to himj. He was staying dry and telling them when he needs to go, even when they were playing outside he stopped to go in and potty. I thought that was HUGE. She said he got really upset because he ran up to the teacher to say he had to poo poo, but he couldn't hold it and started to go in his pull-up, but finished on the potty. She said it was loose and didn't hold it against him.

She then called again a couple hours later and said he wanted a toy a girl was playing with and they started fighting over it and he leaned over and bit her leg. She put him in time-out for two minutes and said she was going to call mommy and he didn't want her to call me. She then told him that if she couldn't get a hold of mommy then she'd call daddy. I guess he really didn't want daddy to know and he told her to me. It sounds like he already knows how to work his parents and I need to start getting tougher with him. He was really upset about getting in trouble and remorseful, so hopefully he won't bite again. This was his first time at daycare.

I went to Toys R Us at lunch and bought a Tonka firetruck with a motorized ladder and lots of noises, but decided he shouldn't get it today because he bit another child.

His teacher called me again in the afternoon for a third time because she leaves before I pick him up. She wanted me to know that he had stayed dry all day, except during nap time and that he earned a prize for pooping in the potty. He chose a little plastic frog. It would be in his cubby and it was his to take home. She said he really wants the firetruck and keeps talking about it. I told her I bought one at lunch and would hold on to for at least another day before giving it to him.

He earned seven stickers today. The most he has ever had is four and lately it has been two at the most in a day. We went to Target on our way home because I bought a type of pull-ups that they don't like to use. Zack wanted to get Dora pull-ups (for girls) and I tried to talk him into Diego, but he said he didn't like them. Luckily we then found Disney's Cars movie pull-ups - his new favorite movie. He was so excited to have Lightning McQueen diapers and wouldn't let them out of his sight. I was so afraid we would be leaving with pink Dora diapers.

Zack also picked out a pink caterpillar toy for Baby Addison. I told him I would wrap it and he could bring it to the hospital for Baby Addison when she makes her arrival. I can't wait to see how he is with her.

He interrupted dinner twice tonight to potty and then poo poo and went both times and had a dry pull-up at bath time.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow goes as well as today. Then I really hope he continues after he receives the firetruck and my bribery doesn't back fire. Last week I had given up hope of having him out of diapers before the baby, but I might be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. At least now I know that he knows when he needs to go. I think that is a major step.

No pictures tonight, because I don't have Internet at work due to the fire. I spend all night surfing the net, which I normally do at work, instead of editing pictures or cleaning the house like I would normally do after Zack goes to bed.

Oh! We have a nursery!! The walls are painted, crib bedding is on, clothes are put away and all things Zack are gone. We still need to hang the curtains, finish painted the rocking chair, buy a bookcase, and decorate the blank walls. I am starting to see the light though! I'll take pictures after a couple more things are done.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Early Morning Wake Up Call

Friday morning I was woken up at 4:00 AM by my cell phone. It was the emergency maintenance answering service at work. The lady said there was a fire in the laundry room and I needed to get there ASAP. The laundry is attached to my office, so my mind immediately started racing. How serious was it? Did it get to the rental office? How will I ever get back the information in the resident files? I am due exactly one month from today (Friday) and I just wanted to get things caught up before I leave, now this happens!

I arrived at 4:30 AM and there were fire trucks everywhere with lights flashing. I thought Zack would absolutely love this! They already had the fire out, except for an occasional squirt from the hose. The fire was reported at 3:15 AM. I am so happy someone was awake and reported it before it got to the entire building.

The laundry room is a total loss. There is smoke and water damage and roof repairs needed in the clubhouse and rental office. The water damage was on the floor, so my files and paperwork were all saved, except for the bottom files on a couple of piles that I had stacked up on the floor that I had been working on. I was so relieved because it is a low income propery and there is a lot that needs verified to determine rent. I don't know how HUD would make me handle recreating files and luckily I won't have to find out.

Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera with me when I left the house, so I didn't get any shots of the firemen in action. I tried with my camera phone, but it was too dark. I had Ryan bring my camera after he and Zack got up and moving.

Picture of the laundry room with no roof. The wall on left side of the picture has no support and will probably have to be taken down.

some of the mess inside the laundry- I needed a wide angle lens.

The source of the fire - the electrical breaker box.

gable above the electrical box

water mixed with drywall, insullation and who knows what else in the clubhouse. It was a nasty mess.

When the fire inspectors released the building to us at about 7:00 AM. I started making my calls to the hire ups. We had no electricity or phone, so my cell phone got a lot of use and the battery was dead in no time. Ryan had to make a second trip for the charger. We ran an extension cord from a rearby building to get my computer, copier and other things working. I had to setup in the maintenance garage and it was a beautiful day to work outside, about 70 degrees.

At about 9:00 the fire restoration company arrived and they did some amazing work. While we were all standing around in shock they took charge, got the windows boarded up, marked the walls that will need re drywalled, put blue tarp on the roof, took what files did get wet to have them dried out. They removed the couches and chairs in the clubhouse due to smoke and water damage and ripped up the carpet in the rental office.

We were standing around talking and all of a sudden the ceiling collapsed in the clubhouse due to the water and the row of lights came crashing down, luckily no one was standing close by. It scared the hell out of us though.

They will start on Monday morning turning a two bedroom vacant apartment into my temporary rental office. We have to move due to roof damage and then there will be noise while they are rebuilding the rest of the building. Tuesday they are supposed to move all the office equipment over and hopefully I'll be in business again. They said it will be at least 90-days, so hopefully I will come back from maternity leave with a newly decorated office. I am a little sad that I probably won't have any input in the decorating though. I will also be getting new desks due to swelling from the water, but we'll use what we have until the office is redone.

I put in a long 12 1/2 hour day and was completely wiped when I got home. I smelled like a campfire that hadn't showered and I'm sure Addison didn't appreciate the smoke and who knows what else I was inhaling all day. Back to the fun on Monday!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lil' Slugger

Zack is becoming quite the athlete and his dad couldn't be any happier. He can catch, throw, kick and hit the ball, but all left handed or footed. Ryan will try to get him to do something right handed and he quickly switches back to lefty. Ryan told me tonight to let him know if he is becoming one of "those dads" that coach and critique and take the fun out of the game. I have a feeling that he will be treading on that line in the years to come, so I will have to keep him in close check.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Labor Day Weekend, continued

Before the money dig they had a bunch of different games for the kids. One game they tied a balloon around each of the kid's ankles and they had to go around and try to pop the other team's balloons. Zack spotted the bags of balloons long before the game started and was fighting me trying to get at them. When they finally explained the game and that it would end in all the balloons popped I knew I would have one sad toddler if someone popped his balloon, so we decided to sit that game out and take his big red balloon home.

He did, however, enjoy the donut eating contest. They tied powered donuts to a string and the kids had to eat them without using their hands. Zack had no problems when his donut disappeared, unlike the balloon.

Courtney eating her donut

and finally...Sunday night we had a DJ. Zack had a late nap, so we decided to let him stay up for a while at the dance. He didn't want to get off the dance floor all night. He would grab someone's hand and take them out to dance and when they were ready to sit down ,he would find a new partner and drag them out. Later in the night he was getting tired and wanted held, but still wanted to be on the dance floor. He would yawn and then tell me, I'm not tired, then continue to go from person to person enjoying the music and resting his head on their shoulder, until I finally took him home. I am excited to finally have a dance partner.

Zack was even successful at getting Ryan on the dance floor, something I've tried to do for years!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Boiler Up!

Saturday night was Purdue first football game of the season. Ryan tailgates at all the home games and wants Addison to make her arrival around the Purdue schedule (rolling eyes). The Ohio State game is a week before she is due and he has asked her to not make an appearance that day or prior to it. I will just assume he is joking and not choosing football over his daughter's birth.

Saturday was an away game, so Ryan decided to throw a trailer park tailgate at the lake. He woke up at 6 AM and started smoking pork shoulders to make pulled pork sandwiches, which were ready to eat at 7 PM just in time for the game. He asked me to be the official photographer for the tailgate and I think I failed him a little bit. It was getting too dark for pictures and guys sitting around watching a football game aren't very exciting, plus I was too busy watching Zack eat and feeding my pregnant belly to take pictures of the yummy food. They did have a keg, but I didn't see any keg stands or beer bongs to take pictures of either.

I will also give a shout out to my dorky, Purdue obsessed, husband's new website, Check it out! He needs the hits and I want to be able to brag that my blog created the traffic :)

Zack and cousin Courtney hamming it up for the camera

Zack and Courtney with Grandpa Ronnie

Zack the next day using the empty keg as a seat. He is going to have fun playing dress up with Addison. He wore those beads all day. I'm afraid to make Addie a tutu.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Money Dig

I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day Weekend. We spent ours at the lake. There were lots of activities going on, so I'll try to gets lots of posts in this week. I think the highlight for the kids was the annual Labor Day weekend money dig. I remember doing it as a kid and fighting over the dollar bills. Immediately afterwards we would run up to the store in the park and buy candy and ice cream. Unfortunately the store is closed now, so Zack's money is going into his piggy bank.

This was Zack's first year of participating and it killed me not to grab the dollar bills and quarters, alright and even the pennies, for him. He did pretty well on his own and stayed till the last penny was found. They had three separate pits for the different age groups and then buried money in the sand for the kids to find.

Here he is scoping out the big money spots before the dig started.

getting a little help from daddy

counting his loot

and showing off the big money

On a separate note - Zack now refers to Sam's Club as the "Pirate Store" and tells me repeatedly that he doesn't want to go there. I hope our supply of canned fruit, baby wipes, pig ears, and bottled water last us through Halloween.