Thursday, September 6, 2007

Boiler Up!

Saturday night was Purdue first football game of the season. Ryan tailgates at all the home games and wants Addison to make her arrival around the Purdue schedule (rolling eyes). The Ohio State game is a week before she is due and he has asked her to not make an appearance that day or prior to it. I will just assume he is joking and not choosing football over his daughter's birth.

Saturday was an away game, so Ryan decided to throw a trailer park tailgate at the lake. He woke up at 6 AM and started smoking pork shoulders to make pulled pork sandwiches, which were ready to eat at 7 PM just in time for the game. He asked me to be the official photographer for the tailgate and I think I failed him a little bit. It was getting too dark for pictures and guys sitting around watching a football game aren't very exciting, plus I was too busy watching Zack eat and feeding my pregnant belly to take pictures of the yummy food. They did have a keg, but I didn't see any keg stands or beer bongs to take pictures of either.

I will also give a shout out to my dorky, Purdue obsessed, husband's new website, Check it out! He needs the hits and I want to be able to brag that my blog created the traffic :)

Zack and cousin Courtney hamming it up for the camera

Zack and Courtney with Grandpa Ronnie

Zack the next day using the empty keg as a seat. He is going to have fun playing dress up with Addison. He wore those beads all day. I'm afraid to make Addie a tutu.


Jaidean said...

That last picture cracks me up! We need some tutu pictures! :)

Jennifer said...

Looks like fun. That last picture is too funny!

Janice said...

You're funny! The beads look great on him. Looks like a great time! I'll be thinking of you during the Ohio State/Purdue game (John's a big OSU fan. Hope you're feeling good towards the end of your pregnancy!

Miller Mommy said...

You don't know me, but I am friends with Jaidean...we are Boilermaker fans and I am loving your husband's site already!! Go Boilers!!!

Jami said...

miller mommy - you totally made his day! I'm glad you enjoy it.