Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Is that a light?

Sunday Zack did really good with potty training. He wore his big boy underwear from morning until nap time and kept them dry the entire time, about five hours. He even started telling me when he had to potty, something he has never done. For the last couple of weeks he has been grabbing his bottom before pooping, but nothing before peeing. Monday morning he wanted to wear his big boy underwear to daycare, but I told him he had to keep his diaper dry before we tried underwear at daycare. Monday night his teacher said he isn't ready for underwear at daycare. He didn't stay dry or tell her when he needed to go. On the way home on Monday we stopped and bought our first pull-ups. Tuesday morning we put on the pull-ups and he was very excited. We get to daycare, they are talking about firemen/trucks this week, and a boy in his class brought in a large toy firetruck at the teachers request. Zack wanted to play with the truck so bad, but the boy wasn't ready to share. I was trying to pump Zack up about telling his teacher when he needed to potty, keeping the diaper dry, and getting lots of stickers (earned from going on potty). Zack was still pretty preoccupied with the firetruck, so I then had the bright idea to use bribery. I told him I'd buy him a big firetruck with a big big ladder, if he stayed dry and told his teachers when he needed to go on the potty. He was pumped!

I got a call from his teacher a couple hours later and she said he is doing great today and Zack wanted to tell me, so I talked to himj. He was staying dry and telling them when he needs to go, even when they were playing outside he stopped to go in and potty. I thought that was HUGE. She said he got really upset because he ran up to the teacher to say he had to poo poo, but he couldn't hold it and started to go in his pull-up, but finished on the potty. She said it was loose and didn't hold it against him.

She then called again a couple hours later and said he wanted a toy a girl was playing with and they started fighting over it and he leaned over and bit her leg. She put him in time-out for two minutes and said she was going to call mommy and he didn't want her to call me. She then told him that if she couldn't get a hold of mommy then she'd call daddy. I guess he really didn't want daddy to know and he told her to me. It sounds like he already knows how to work his parents and I need to start getting tougher with him. He was really upset about getting in trouble and remorseful, so hopefully he won't bite again. This was his first time at daycare.

I went to Toys R Us at lunch and bought a Tonka firetruck with a motorized ladder and lots of noises, but decided he shouldn't get it today because he bit another child.

His teacher called me again in the afternoon for a third time because she leaves before I pick him up. She wanted me to know that he had stayed dry all day, except during nap time and that he earned a prize for pooping in the potty. He chose a little plastic frog. It would be in his cubby and it was his to take home. She said he really wants the firetruck and keeps talking about it. I told her I bought one at lunch and would hold on to for at least another day before giving it to him.

He earned seven stickers today. The most he has ever had is four and lately it has been two at the most in a day. We went to Target on our way home because I bought a type of pull-ups that they don't like to use. Zack wanted to get Dora pull-ups (for girls) and I tried to talk him into Diego, but he said he didn't like them. Luckily we then found Disney's Cars movie pull-ups - his new favorite movie. He was so excited to have Lightning McQueen diapers and wouldn't let them out of his sight. I was so afraid we would be leaving with pink Dora diapers.

Zack also picked out a pink caterpillar toy for Baby Addison. I told him I would wrap it and he could bring it to the hospital for Baby Addison when she makes her arrival. I can't wait to see how he is with her.

He interrupted dinner twice tonight to potty and then poo poo and went both times and had a dry pull-up at bath time.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow goes as well as today. Then I really hope he continues after he receives the firetruck and my bribery doesn't back fire. Last week I had given up hope of having him out of diapers before the baby, but I might be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. At least now I know that he knows when he needs to go. I think that is a major step.

No pictures tonight, because I don't have Internet at work due to the fire. I spend all night surfing the net, which I normally do at work, instead of editing pictures or cleaning the house like I would normally do after Zack goes to bed.

Oh! We have a nursery!! The walls are painted, crib bedding is on, clothes are put away and all things Zack are gone. We still need to hang the curtains, finish painted the rocking chair, buy a bookcase, and decorate the blank walls. I am starting to see the light though! I'll take pictures after a couple more things are done.


Janice said...

Wow, that is a great daycare to call you with what's going on with Zack whether it's good or bad. It's great to know that you are being updated. Oh, how I wish Cameron showed some interest in the potty! I am soooooo tired of changing two kids' diapers!

Can't wait to see your new nursery!!!!!!

Kimberly said...

Well it sounds like he's well on his way to being potty trained! That will be so nice to have him on the potty before the baby comes.

Jaidean said...

That's so great! I am sooooo very jealous though! :)
Can't wait to see pictures of the nursery!