Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Money Dig

I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day Weekend. We spent ours at the lake. There were lots of activities going on, so I'll try to gets lots of posts in this week. I think the highlight for the kids was the annual Labor Day weekend money dig. I remember doing it as a kid and fighting over the dollar bills. Immediately afterwards we would run up to the store in the park and buy candy and ice cream. Unfortunately the store is closed now, so Zack's money is going into his piggy bank.

This was Zack's first year of participating and it killed me not to grab the dollar bills and quarters, alright and even the pennies, for him. He did pretty well on his own and stayed till the last penny was found. They had three separate pits for the different age groups and then buried money in the sand for the kids to find.

Here he is scoping out the big money spots before the dig started.

getting a little help from daddy

counting his loot

and showing off the big money

On a separate note - Zack now refers to Sam's Club as the "Pirate Store" and tells me repeatedly that he doesn't want to go there. I hope our supply of canned fruit, baby wipes, pig ears, and bottled water last us through Halloween.


Jaidean said...

How fun! "The Pirate Store"...lol...poor kid! :)

Kimberly said...

I've said it before...but this lake where you guys hang out looks like sooooo much fun!