Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Delay of Game

I went to the doctor this morning. They did an ultrasound and said the baby weighs 6 pds 13 oz and looks healthy. The tech said she'd probably be born right around 7 pds. She passed the non-stress test. Then the doctor came in and had me recap when we scheduled the induction. He thought it was Thursday not Wednesday because he already has a surgery scheduled for tomorrow, so he had a nurse call the hospital and they pushed me back to Thursday at 7 AM. I'm bummed, but some how I knew this would happen.

A good friend's daughter was born the day after Zack and we have compared notes from pregnancy to toddler hood. We were also both trying for months to get pregnant with our second babies and it happened the same month, so we have been comparing notes the second time around too. Tammi is scheduled for a c-section on Friday and I just knew that Addison would have to wait for her friend Avri to be born. I am excited to have our second babies a day apart like we did with our oldest kids. No more delays though Princess Addison! Thursday you are officially evicted from my belly. It is really strange how things work out I guess. It is just meant to be.

Zack's daycare teacher told me this morning that on Monday everyone kept asking him when Addison was coming and he would answer 5. They were all hoping that something would happen at 5:00 on Monday. I'd either deliver the baby or I'd go into labor, but no such luck.

Zack had his first school pictures today. My pregnant brain thought they were yesterday, so I had him all dressed up on Monday morning, dropped him off and thought it was strange that the other kids didn't have nice clothes on. It later hit me that Tuesday is picture day and not Monday. So I had to dig out another picture worthy outfit for today. They also had chili for lunch today and his shirt was covered in it. Luckily the pictures were in the morning, but it is going to take some scrubbing and a couple of washes to get the stains out. I just knew they would have a messy lunch, especially in nice clothes two days in a row.

Sorry, but I am on a photo strike until get a picture of my baby girl.


Jaidean said...

Well, I know you were hoping for little Addison to come early, but that is really cool that both of your kids will only be a day older than your friends kids! :) Good luck tomorrow!!!

Janice said...

Wow, that's amaazing your kids and friend's kids are a day apart!!

You're really keeping all of on our toes here waiting for little Addison ;-). Good luck with everything! You know that she is going to be worth the wait!!!