Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Out and About

We took Zack out of daycare while I'm on maternity leave. Yesterday in the mail Zack got a large envelope from his teacher. Inside was a large homemade Halloween/We Miss You card from his class, three Halloween/fall art project that the class is doing and the sweetest letter from his teacher. It instantly brought tears to my eyes. Zack is invited back for the Halloween party tomorrow morning and he can't wait to see his friends again.

I am having a major debate with myself on if I should dress Addison for the Halloween party in a Baby's 1st Halloween shirt or a pink outfit. She looks so much cuter in pink than orange, but it is Halloween. I know, I worry about the dumbest things, but I can't help it.

I ventured out by myself this morning for the first time with the kids. We went to WalMart for treats for Zack's class and a few other things. Zack did so much better than the Target trip last week. He stayed in the cart the entire time and never tried to get up. He didn't knock any displays over. It was wonderful. I may actually get out of the house some this winter. I'm not sure if he has graduated to a trip to the mall yet though. I am starting to get shopping withdrawls, so I may have to find out soon.
Speaking of the mall - I am wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans today and they button! I am 10 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight and I know I still have some draining to do. Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon.

Zack is actually doing much better with the baby and jealousy issues. He is the Zack of old again. He has absolutely no interest in potty training now though. I need to get serious with him again soon. My goal is to send him back to daycare with no diapers.

Addison at one week old
Still some jealousy when daddy is holding Addison.
Has anyone seen Zack. I can't find him anywhere. Zackerdoo, where are you???


Jaidean said...

Your little blurb about daycare brought tears to my eyes too! :( Glad Zack is adjusting well and congrats on being back in pre-pregnancy jeans already - that is GREAT!!! Cute pictures!!!

Jennifer said...

How sweet of his daycare teachers! I hope you guys have fun at the Halloween party!

Congrats on being back in your prepregnancy jeans, that is awesome!!!

Great pics!

Kimberly said...

GOOOOO YOU!!!! It took me ages to fit back into my clothes. Addison looks so sweet in her pink blanket and Zach looks like he's having a blast in those leaves!

Janice said...

Yay for getting out by yourself with the kids!!!!! That is awesome!!! It took me quite a while to do that and I still don't do it as much because both kids get kinda rowdy.

And how awesome is that that you're back into your pre-pregnancy clothes?!?!? Very cool!!!!

YOur pictures are gorgeous!!