Friday, November 30, 2007

Zack's ABC Book

I made an ABC book for Zack for Christmas. It turned out really cute and I can't wait until Christmas when he unwraps it. Here is a link to the book. It was really hard to come up with pictures for every letter, so some of them are a stretch.

ABC Book

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Addison doesn't care for the car. She will cry and cry if she isn't sound asleep when she goes in. Zack has gotten pretty good at soothing her. He'll say in a very calm voice, it's okay Addison. Mommy is here. Daddy is here. Zachary is here. It's okay. Settle down.

He is also expanding his vocabulary with some PG-13 words. He has been heard a few times saying, oh shit and damn it. The first time he said oh shit was Thanksgiving morning. He dropped something and kept repeating it. Ryan and I just stood there speechless with our mouths open. Yesterday he said, oh gosh, and then turned and asked me if he could say that. He then said, darn it, can I say that? Then said, oh man, yeah that is what I'll say. You could just see his little brain working. At least he hasn't said the F-bomb - yet.

Today marks the halfway mark on my maternity leave. I hope the next six weeks go by VERY slow. I decided that it is time to get serious about potty training. I found a choo choo train potty chart online and I set the timer for every 20 minutes. He is working towards the mother of all rewards, a ring pop. He went nine times today and only one accident, excluding nap time. He pooped in his underwear and was upset, so hopefully he will remember for next time. Hopefully it wasn't just a one day thing and tomorrow goes as well as today.

I swear Addison gets noticeably bigger daily, so this picture is from today.

This morning Zack asked to hold Addie, so I put the boppy around him and she quickly fell asleep in his arms. He usually squeezes her and she starts crying, so this was a pleasant change. I quickly grabbed my camera and asked for some kisses before he got too fidgety. He even kissed her gently and I caught it. It was too good to be true. I plan to take some pictures for Christmas cards tomorrow, so hopefully he is in a loving mood again or you may be seeing this picture in your mailbox.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Never Forget

This blog is not only a way to share our lives with family and friends, but it is also gives me a way to look back and remember how the kids were at every stage of their life. They grow so fast and it is way to easy to forget. I look forward to when they are teenagers and want to read my posts from when they were babies. I know my anti-camera sister Becky is rolling her eyes!! I really want to type hello to sixteen year old Zack and Addie (Bill and Ted style), but I won't because I know I'll really get shit from my supportive family :-)

Being the sentimental one in the family - here are what the kids are up to these days.

Zack has recently became afraid of the dark and noises at night. His new bedroom faces the busy county road and he doesn't like the cars driving by at night. We also have a busy railroad track a half mile down the road and duct fans to blow extra heat into the kids bedrooms and they are loud when the heat kicks on. Every night when going to bed he picks something that scares him and delays bedtime. Tonight it was the choo choo train. We turned on the humidifier to give him some white noise and he is now asleep. Last night he was afraid of the dark, so I moved his night light where he could see it. Last month he didn't like the shadows from the light, so I put it at the end of his bed. He has woke up a couple times at night screaming from the noise of the duct fans. He now ends up in our bed at least twice a week and he never used to sleep with us. Last week we had a horrible thunder storm with lots of lightning. Ryan and I were fast asleep and Zack started screaming bloody murder. We both jumped up. My heart completely stopped and then we realized there was a storm outside and calmed down a little, but I had horrible visions in my mind that I don't want to think about again. He came to bed with us and was fine.

Zack also likes to call us into his bedroom after he is in bed and say, I wanna ask you a question, then he'll look around the room and make some off the wall statement that doesn't make sense.

Today I took the kids to Hobby Lobby and Zack kept calling it Hobbily Wobbily. He says it really slow, trying to pronounce it correctly, and sticks his tongue out during the Wobbily. It is really cute.

Addison is starting to come alive. She is starting to grab, smile and coo. It just melts my heart when she does one of them. I stood on the scale with her tonight and she weighs 11 pounds with clothes on. I need to get out Zack's records, but he was probably still in preemie sizes at her age. I need to take some close up pictures of her. She is growing way to fast. I don't remember noticing Zack grow unless I looked back at pictures. I think Addison is bigger after every nap.

Last week I ordered from Ebay a saying in hot pink vinyl wall letters for behind Addie's crib. I am dying to get it and then see it on the wall. I think it will look so cute and finish the room.

On Thursday my maternity leave will be half over. Only six weeks left. I hate to think about going back to work. My goal is/was to have Zack potty trained by the end of my leave. I really need to get serious. He will go in the potty if I make him sit, but has no problem going in the diaper either. I think I'll start leaving the diaper off during the day. Our carpet needs shampooed anyway.

Here are a couple of pictures so I never forget how little they once were.

Growing up Ryan's family had a special ornament that always got hung first on the tree. It is now showing it's age and it is very cool to think about how many Christmases it has seen and the stories it could tell. His mom still hangs it first, front and center. Last year she gave us an identical Santa ornament, so we could start the tradition with our family. Here is Ryan and Zack starting our newest family tradition.

Cuddle time with my babies. I adore cuddle time and dread the day that Zack is too old for it. He already calls me mom more than mommy :(

Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Cookies

Saturday we went to my sister's house for a traditional Thanksgiving lasagna. My parents are in Florida for the winter, so we do what we can. We decided to let the kids decorate Christmas cookies. It was Zack's first time decorating cookies and he loved it. I was the official photographer for the event while my sisters tried to save the cookie dough cutouts from multiple stab wounds from cookie cutters. Ryan wasn't there, so my brother helped Zack decorate his cookies. Together they made some very colorful and icing loaded cookies.

Zack kept taking the scraps and putting them on the cookie sheet with the shaped cookies.

Uncle Jerm watched Addison.


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. This year for the first time we hosted Thanksgiving. We had Ryan's family over on Thursday and then went to my sister's house on Saturday. Ryan did a great job cooking the dinner. I am completely retarded when it comes to cooking and he is an awesome chef.

Ryan's mom and her fiance spent the night with us on Thursday, so Ryan and I were able to hit the Black Friday sales while they watched the kids. All of the turkey really wore out Addison. She ate at 11 PM on Thanksgiving and didn't wake up until 6 AM. Unfortunately she hasn't done it since though.

Zack and Riley having fun

George, Stevie and Terri relaxing after the big meal.

a couple of horsey rides

Grandpa Jim's first bottle ever! He is a natural!

Riley and Addison. Addison got fussy while Riley was holding her and I offered to take her, but Riley wanted to calm her down herself so she could practice for babysitting. She also loves changing diapers and clothes and brushing Zack's teeth. She is going to be a great babysitter.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Shopping Trip

Addison is one month old today. Time is just flying past. Bad mommy didn't get any pictures of her on her big day. We spent the day shopping, which is what any girl would want to do on her one month birthday. I can't believe how big she is getting. Every time I pick her up her cheeks look chubbier and it gets harder to hold her in one arm. I might even see the start of some fat rolls on her thighs, something Tenth Percentile Zack never had. She is an awesome, but noisy, sleeper and will hopefully be sleeping through the night soon. Ryan is ready to kick her out of our room because she whimpers and moans all night while she sleeps.

The biggest difference between Zack and Addison is that Zack always held his own even as a 5 and 1/2 pound newborn. You could hold him up under his armpits and he would keep his arms down and stand on his legs and was strong. We knew he would be an athlete. Addison just flops, arms go up and legs buckle. I'm sure Zack will have her whipped into shape in no time. He is already working on the headbutt with her, ugh! Luckily she hasn't got mixed up in any games of Fumble - yet, although mommy is getting pretty good.

We met daddy for lunch at McDonald's today and let Zack play on the playground and then I ventured out again with the kids to the mall. I carried Addison in the Baby Bjorn and she slept the entire time and Zack was contained in the stroller. We had two incidents, both at The Disney Store, where he managed to slip out of the stroller. One involving a certain race car named Lightning McQueen. I'd say he is high on Zack's Christmas wish list. We were finally able to move on after he said his long goodbye and I told him to ask Santa for Lightning. The second involving a cylinder of Disney princess footballs. He was particularly fond of the Cinderella football and I had to drag him out kicking and screaming when I wouldn't let him have it. I knew I was asking for trouble taking him into The Disney Store, but I really wanted to get him a Lightning McQueen ornament before they were gone. I am counting down the days until Thanksgiving so I can decorate the house for Christmas. I found a XM Christmas station on the DirecTV last week and have been listening to it when I can get control of the TV from Ryan or Zack.

We passed the mall Santa today and I pointed him out to Zack and we stood outside the gates watching and slowly getting closer. We visited Santa twice last year and both times we had major screaming. I assumed it would be the same this year. There was no one in line, so Santa's helper asked if Zack wanted to sit on Santa's lap. I wasn't planning on visiting Santa today and didn't dress Zack in his Christmas best, so I didn't want to get suckered into pictures just yet. They said I didn't have to buy any and to my surprise Zack didn't have the death grip on me, so I got him out of the stroller and we walked up to Santa and he jumped on his lap and told him he wanted a tow truck and a garbage truck because he can't find his garbage truck anywhere. (I don't know how you lose a large green toy garbage truck in a house, but it has been missing for months.) Zack has had a long obsession (over a year and a half) with garbage and garbage trucks and tow trucks since our car accident in May. Santa asked Zack if his baby sister wanted anything for Christmas and he answered a bike. He has told me for the past month or so that he wanted to ask Santa for a bike, so I was surprised that he asked for the trucks, but he did manage to steal his sister's wish and squeeze it in. I hope he isn't too disappointed if a bike isn't under the tree. I plan to wait until his b-day in May to make that purchase, hopefully his short legs will be able to reach the pedals by then.

I bought Zack some snow boots today, so he is ready to play. They are calling for snow on Thanksgiving. He'll be ready on the off chance there is any accumulation.

We went into only two women's only clothing stores, B Moss and The Limited, as soon as we walked into both stores Zack asked to leave and said they were, "too spooky for you mom, lets go." I thought it was strange that he didn't ask to leave any other store. I guess he doesn't want me to buy work clothes and leave him.

How come when you are dreaming about a baby girl there are so many cute baby clothes, but when you have one in your arms you can't find anything cute? I guess I find all kinds of things in larger sizes, but nothing too exciting for 0-3 month or 3-6 month sizes. I guess most people would like to be able to wear jammies on Thanksgiving or at least after the last piece of pumpkin pie. I did find one dressy dress for Christmas, but need to find another not so dressy, but not too casual, outfit. We need a bigger mall and/or better stores. I'm not sure I'm ready to venture to Indianapolis alone with the kids, especially before Christmas, but I really want to go to Baby Gap. I don't know why I have such hard time paying shipping charges when we would pay more in gas driving an hour and the headaches of big city driving and busy malls. Clothes are just cuter in person.

Here is a picture of Zack from last week to reward you if you made it through my ramblings. Hopefully I can dust off the camera tomorrow before Addie's cheeks get any chubbier.

Totally off topic, but congrats to our high school alma mater football team, Lowell Red Devils, who is going to state on Saturday. They went two years ago for the first time and won. We took Zack to the game. Ryan wanted the family to go this year too, but I don't think Zack would sit as still as he did at 6 months old. I think I'll stay behind with the kids this year and let Ryan handle the reunion.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Extended Family

I'm a little behind on my blogging. I can't believe how much more work two kids are compared to one. I don't know how I will ever be on time for anything again. Addison is four weeks old today. She is still a really good baby. She sleeps most of the day away and is putting on the weight. I can't believe how much her face has filled out when looking back at her first pictures. We are on the third set of batteries in the swing. She will sleep forever in it forever. Zack always woke up as soon as I layed him down. I think I only changed the swing batteries once with him the entire time.

Last Friday my aunt and uncle brought my grandma over for a surprise visit to meet her newest great grandchild.

Sunday we went to Ryan's niece, Riley's, birthday party. Here is Grandpa Jim holding Addison for the first time, while Grandma Sharon adored her from above.

The Bush grandkids. Ryan's side of the family is much easier to get a grandkid group shot compared to my family, six kids under seven years old. They are always a disaster.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

I wanted to share some pictures from today before I go to bed. I'll write later.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Addison 5, Mommy 0

I tried to do a photo session with Miss Addie last week. I wanted to get a picture of her curled up sleeping on her rocking chair before she got too big. I got her undressed and was trying to get her back to sleep when she pooped in the receiving blanket. I cleaned up the mess and put a clean blanket around her and she poops again. She does it two more times with two other blankets. She is not happy with me so I decided to give her a bath since she is already mad and naked. After the bath I decided to try one more time for a picture. She falls asleep in my arms and I lay her on the chair and she immediately wakes up crying. I took a few pictures of her screaming and then she peed all over the rocking chair pad. I decided it was time to throw in the receiving blanket.

Doctor's Appointment

Addison had her two week check-up on Monday. She now weighs 8 pds 11 oz, up from 7 pds at birth. She is still 20 inches long same as at birth. She has a blocked tear duct, so we have to massage it and we have a prescription in case it gets worse.

Addison managed to escape the doctor's office with no shots, but poor Zack got two. I had been debating if I should call and get Zack a flu shot appointment while I was there with Addison and never did, because the older he gets the harder it is for me to watch him get shots. Zack doesn't forget a thing now and I knew he would never forgive me. Luckily, he is a lot tougher than his mom. I absolutely hate shots and used to kick and scream when a needle came close to me. They would have to surround me as a child with multiple nurses holding down each limb in order to prick me. I dread seeing my kids go through it. I want to kick and scream for them.

I guess the nurses love giving kids shots and it doesn't matter if you are just tagging along for your sister's appointment. He ended up with a flu shot and his last hepatitis A vaccine. He only cried for a second when the needles were going in and then he was so happy to get band aids and stickers that he forgot about the mean old needles. All the while I was getting ready to run in case she came after me next.

Addison is finally dressed in 0-3 month clothes today. They are a little big, but not too ridiculous. I was so tired of dressing her in the same small selection of newborn sized outfits over and over again. Her wardrobe has suddenly expanded tremendously.

I decided to take the kids to the mall today. Big mistake, big, huge! Gymboree is having their 30% off sale and they have a dress with matching tights that I've been eyeing for Addison for Christmas. I parked near Gymboree and figured Zack would be ok without a stroller for the quick trip. We started off walking int0 the mall and Zack had to stop and steal a couple of rocks from the parking lot landscaping. We go inside Gymboree and I tell him to sit down and watch the cartoons. Addison immediately wakes up and starts crying and won't stop, so I had to pick her up. Zack is climbing on the little chairs and falls back and hits his head on the floor, so I have two crying kids. Zack recovers and then decides to take the clothes and hangers off of the rack. I finally get him to stop and then he moves on to a new game of hide and seek in the clothes racks. I was ready to kill. I continue shopping and next thing I know I hear something banging on glass. I turn around and my dear son is hitting his stolen rocks from the parking lot on the glass wall at the front of the store. I get that under control and then he starts running out of the store looking at me and laughing. It was time to go. They didn't have the right size of tights, so the only thing I left with was high blood pressure and two rug rats. I knew I should have brought a stroller for him. I'm sure I'll try again when the Christmas sales start. I never learn!

Zack coaching Addison on some tummy time- push it! push it!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Belated Halloween

I finally getting around to posting Zack's Halloween pictures. This was his first year trick or treating door to door. We went to my sister's so Zack could trick or treat with his cousins and have someone to show him how its done. My sister watched Addison so Ryan and I could both watch Zack trick or treat. Luckily it wasn't too cold this year, unlike last year. Zack had a blast and ran the entire time to keep up with the big kids. I don't think he got candy at half of the houses because he would turn around and leave with the other kids after they got their candy and before he got his. It was really cute. We also kept reminding him to say thank you. Many times he would run back to us at the end of the driveway and we'd ask if he said thank you, then he would turn around and run back to the door to tell them thank you. His poor legs were pooped by the end of the night.

Zack as Squirt the sea turtle from Finding Nemo. Zack requested to be a turtle because he has been obsessed with them since this summer at the lake. The older kids would catch turtles while fishing and keep them in a bucket. He loved watching them and still talks about the turtles.

Counting his loot with Daddy

Here is an unrelated picture that I didn't want to forget about. Zack pushing his cousin Lindsey around in the dump truck when she came to meet Addison. He was so excited to have her visit and couldn't wait to completely ransack his toy room to show her every toy he owns.