Thursday, November 8, 2007

Addison 5, Mommy 0

I tried to do a photo session with Miss Addie last week. I wanted to get a picture of her curled up sleeping on her rocking chair before she got too big. I got her undressed and was trying to get her back to sleep when she pooped in the receiving blanket. I cleaned up the mess and put a clean blanket around her and she poops again. She does it two more times with two other blankets. She is not happy with me so I decided to give her a bath since she is already mad and naked. After the bath I decided to try one more time for a picture. She falls asleep in my arms and I lay her on the chair and she immediately wakes up crying. I took a few pictures of her screaming and then she peed all over the rocking chair pad. I decided it was time to throw in the receiving blanket.


Jaidean said...

Oh no! But this totally made me lol!! :) What a cute rocking chair! I hope you are able to get some pictures like you are envisioning on that before she gets too big!

Kimberly said...

LOL!!! Only a few weeks old and already being difficult...that's a girl for you...welcome to the club!

Jennifer said...

How funny!

That is a great rocking chair, I hope you are able to get some pictures before she gets too big.