Thursday, November 8, 2007

Doctor's Appointment

Addison had her two week check-up on Monday. She now weighs 8 pds 11 oz, up from 7 pds at birth. She is still 20 inches long same as at birth. She has a blocked tear duct, so we have to massage it and we have a prescription in case it gets worse.

Addison managed to escape the doctor's office with no shots, but poor Zack got two. I had been debating if I should call and get Zack a flu shot appointment while I was there with Addison and never did, because the older he gets the harder it is for me to watch him get shots. Zack doesn't forget a thing now and I knew he would never forgive me. Luckily, he is a lot tougher than his mom. I absolutely hate shots and used to kick and scream when a needle came close to me. They would have to surround me as a child with multiple nurses holding down each limb in order to prick me. I dread seeing my kids go through it. I want to kick and scream for them.

I guess the nurses love giving kids shots and it doesn't matter if you are just tagging along for your sister's appointment. He ended up with a flu shot and his last hepatitis A vaccine. He only cried for a second when the needles were going in and then he was so happy to get band aids and stickers that he forgot about the mean old needles. All the while I was getting ready to run in case she came after me next.

Addison is finally dressed in 0-3 month clothes today. They are a little big, but not too ridiculous. I was so tired of dressing her in the same small selection of newborn sized outfits over and over again. Her wardrobe has suddenly expanded tremendously.

I decided to take the kids to the mall today. Big mistake, big, huge! Gymboree is having their 30% off sale and they have a dress with matching tights that I've been eyeing for Addison for Christmas. I parked near Gymboree and figured Zack would be ok without a stroller for the quick trip. We started off walking int0 the mall and Zack had to stop and steal a couple of rocks from the parking lot landscaping. We go inside Gymboree and I tell him to sit down and watch the cartoons. Addison immediately wakes up and starts crying and won't stop, so I had to pick her up. Zack is climbing on the little chairs and falls back and hits his head on the floor, so I have two crying kids. Zack recovers and then decides to take the clothes and hangers off of the rack. I finally get him to stop and then he moves on to a new game of hide and seek in the clothes racks. I was ready to kill. I continue shopping and next thing I know I hear something banging on glass. I turn around and my dear son is hitting his stolen rocks from the parking lot on the glass wall at the front of the store. I get that under control and then he starts running out of the store looking at me and laughing. It was time to go. They didn't have the right size of tights, so the only thing I left with was high blood pressure and two rug rats. I knew I should have brought a stroller for him. I'm sure I'll try again when the Christmas sales start. I never learn!

Zack coaching Addison on some tummy time- push it! push it!!


Jaidean said...

You are brave! I think I will be taking another person with me for a while!! :)

Jennifer said...

You poor thing. Funny story though. Love the pics of Addison!