Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Addison doesn't care for the car. She will cry and cry if she isn't sound asleep when she goes in. Zack has gotten pretty good at soothing her. He'll say in a very calm voice, it's okay Addison. Mommy is here. Daddy is here. Zachary is here. It's okay. Settle down.

He is also expanding his vocabulary with some PG-13 words. He has been heard a few times saying, oh shit and damn it. The first time he said oh shit was Thanksgiving morning. He dropped something and kept repeating it. Ryan and I just stood there speechless with our mouths open. Yesterday he said, oh gosh, and then turned and asked me if he could say that. He then said, darn it, can I say that? Then said, oh man, yeah that is what I'll say. You could just see his little brain working. At least he hasn't said the F-bomb - yet.

Today marks the halfway mark on my maternity leave. I hope the next six weeks go by VERY slow. I decided that it is time to get serious about potty training. I found a choo choo train potty chart online and I set the timer for every 20 minutes. He is working towards the mother of all rewards, a ring pop. He went nine times today and only one accident, excluding nap time. He pooped in his underwear and was upset, so hopefully he will remember for next time. Hopefully it wasn't just a one day thing and tomorrow goes as well as today.

I swear Addison gets noticeably bigger daily, so this picture is from today.

This morning Zack asked to hold Addie, so I put the boppy around him and she quickly fell asleep in his arms. He usually squeezes her and she starts crying, so this was a pleasant change. I quickly grabbed my camera and asked for some kisses before he got too fidgety. He even kissed her gently and I caught it. It was too good to be true. I plan to take some pictures for Christmas cards tomorrow, so hopefully he is in a loving mood again or you may be seeing this picture in your mailbox.

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Jaidean said...

That picture of Zack kissing her is adorable!!! I will have to get out the boppy for Teagun - great idea!