Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Never Forget

This blog is not only a way to share our lives with family and friends, but it is also gives me a way to look back and remember how the kids were at every stage of their life. They grow so fast and it is way to easy to forget. I look forward to when they are teenagers and want to read my posts from when they were babies. I know my anti-camera sister Becky is rolling her eyes!! I really want to type hello to sixteen year old Zack and Addie (Bill and Ted style), but I won't because I know I'll really get shit from my supportive family :-)

Being the sentimental one in the family - here are what the kids are up to these days.

Zack has recently became afraid of the dark and noises at night. His new bedroom faces the busy county road and he doesn't like the cars driving by at night. We also have a busy railroad track a half mile down the road and duct fans to blow extra heat into the kids bedrooms and they are loud when the heat kicks on. Every night when going to bed he picks something that scares him and delays bedtime. Tonight it was the choo choo train. We turned on the humidifier to give him some white noise and he is now asleep. Last night he was afraid of the dark, so I moved his night light where he could see it. Last month he didn't like the shadows from the light, so I put it at the end of his bed. He has woke up a couple times at night screaming from the noise of the duct fans. He now ends up in our bed at least twice a week and he never used to sleep with us. Last week we had a horrible thunder storm with lots of lightning. Ryan and I were fast asleep and Zack started screaming bloody murder. We both jumped up. My heart completely stopped and then we realized there was a storm outside and calmed down a little, but I had horrible visions in my mind that I don't want to think about again. He came to bed with us and was fine.

Zack also likes to call us into his bedroom after he is in bed and say, I wanna ask you a question, then he'll look around the room and make some off the wall statement that doesn't make sense.

Today I took the kids to Hobby Lobby and Zack kept calling it Hobbily Wobbily. He says it really slow, trying to pronounce it correctly, and sticks his tongue out during the Wobbily. It is really cute.

Addison is starting to come alive. She is starting to grab, smile and coo. It just melts my heart when she does one of them. I stood on the scale with her tonight and she weighs 11 pounds with clothes on. I need to get out Zack's records, but he was probably still in preemie sizes at her age. I need to take some close up pictures of her. She is growing way to fast. I don't remember noticing Zack grow unless I looked back at pictures. I think Addison is bigger after every nap.

Last week I ordered from Ebay a saying in hot pink vinyl wall letters for behind Addie's crib. I am dying to get it and then see it on the wall. I think it will look so cute and finish the room.

On Thursday my maternity leave will be half over. Only six weeks left. I hate to think about going back to work. My goal is/was to have Zack potty trained by the end of my leave. I really need to get serious. He will go in the potty if I make him sit, but has no problem going in the diaper either. I think I'll start leaving the diaper off during the day. Our carpet needs shampooed anyway.

Here are a couple of pictures so I never forget how little they once were.

Growing up Ryan's family had a special ornament that always got hung first on the tree. It is now showing it's age and it is very cool to think about how many Christmases it has seen and the stories it could tell. His mom still hangs it first, front and center. Last year she gave us an identical Santa ornament, so we could start the tradition with our family. Here is Ryan and Zack starting our newest family tradition.

Cuddle time with my babies. I adore cuddle time and dread the day that Zack is too old for it. He already calls me mom more than mommy :(


Janice said...

I love your post!! I am laughing and getting teary eyed at the same time!!! Hobbily Wobbily??? How cute is that!!! Your cuddle picture is so sweet and that's what got me a little teary knowing that one day those moments will be gone. So let's enjoy all the cuddle time with our babies while we can!

Kimberly said...

What a sweet post and the pics that you posted are pefect. I hope cuddle time never ends too!

Janice said...

Pssst... you won!!!!!!!

Miller Mommy said...

I love the stories on here!!!
I love the cuddle picture and am trying to squeeze as much of that in as possible for the next baby comes in March!
Your post was very sentimental and I loved it!!!

Jennifer said...

Awww, that cuddle picture is SO sweet. I love having family holiday traditions too!

I do the same thing with my blog, I write a lot of stuff for family & friends but more for me to come back and look when Devin is bigger to remember what he was doing at this time!

Jaidean said...

Love that last picture - that is too sweet!!!