Thursday, December 6, 2007

Baby Legs

I bought Addison two pairs of Baby Legs probably the day I found out I was having a girl. I've had them packed away with her larger sized clothes because I figured she'd be too small for them. Last night I was doing some online window shopping and saw pictures of tiny babies wearing them, so I immediately ran down stairs and found them. I knew they were cute, but I didn't know just how cute. I'm sure her little feet are freezing, but we have to sacrifice for fashion. Hopefully Santa will fill her stocking with one of every color. A HUGE thanks to Jaidean for letting me know they are on sale too!

On a side note (in case there are any other crazy parents out there) - the kids each have their own email addresses as of yesterday. Ryan mentioned that we should get them gmail accounts before their names are taken, so I set up accounts yesterday. Addison's name was still available, but I had to throw in Zack's middle initial. Don't expect any forwards from them for a couple more years though :)


Kimberly said...

awe...I've never seen them on a baby so tiny...those are adorable on her...i bet you are loving buying all of this pink!

Miller Mommy said...

TOOOO Cute! Your kiddos are sooo adorable! I love the baby legs, makes me wish that I was having a girl instead of another boy (well just for a split second anyways).

Jaidean said...

Love these so much and can't wait to get the one's I ordered for Emery!
Great idea on the email - I may have to do that too...but then I will need to remember where I wrote down the email address and password later on and I'm bad about that! :)