Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Eve

We are still trying to get back on schedule after the holidays. Zack has slept in past 9:30 every morning this week. He hasn't slept past 8:00 in his life. He missed his nap yesterday too. which didn't help. I'm not complaining because I get to sleep too, but we miss half the day and in two weeks we have to return to the real world of working and daycare, boo.

We spent Christmas Eve with my family. Bowling with Grandpa

Lindsey and Courtney can't get enough of Addison

Our attempt at a shot of the grand kids. This cracked me up and I'd like to say that this was an outtake and I got a much better pic, but...
this was the winner of the group. Maybe when they're teenagers they'll sit still and cooperate.
and the winner of the grand kids with grandma and grandpa category.

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Jennifer said...

Man you have a lot of kids in your family. How fun for Zack with all those cousins! I can totally relate to the being off schedule, Devin has been the same way with sleeping in until 9:30 every day. Today was not fun having to get him up early again.