Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Morning

Zack threw up after lunch today and has a 101.9 temp. He has been acting completely normal though and wants to play. He is the toughest kid. Hopefully no one else, especially Addison, catches the bug.

We had a wonderful hectic Christmas. I am now trying to get Zack back on schedule after missing his nap for four days in a row. Santa was very good to us and I am still struggling to find a home for all the new toys.

Santa left a bag of toys for each of the kids and filled the stockings, which were then too heavy to hang from the mantle. The stocking were made by my Mom.

Ryan and I both love shopping, online and in the busy stores. Neither of us can resist a deal, no matter how many times we were done shopping. I didn't think I would ever finish wrapping.

Santa spent three hours setting up Zack's train table to make it perfect, only to have Zack destroy it in three minutes Santa wasn't too happy.

Addison couldn't wait for her sleepy head brother to wake up so she could open her presents. Luckily she was worn out from all the parties and slept through most of the present opening.

Daddy finally had to wake Zack at 8:30 and it took him a couple of attempts before he finally got up. The shortage of naps was catching up to him. Ryan and I would both wake up extremely early on Christmas morning and couldn't believe our offspring decided to sleep as late as he has ever slept on the most exciting day of the year.

Zack ran straight to the train table and was oblivious to the other presents that filled the room.

Chef Zachary. He loves helping Daddy cook and bake and I love having them cook and bake for me.


Jaidean said...

Looks like both kids made out well! :) We had to set up the train table downstairs because Trevor didn't want to disassemble it to move it down there later...I was disappointed b/c I wanted to see his look when he came out in the living room. He was still excited about it when he walked downstairs though. He keeps knocking down the bridge parts - I think Trevor it going to glue it together. Teagun also slept until 8:30, but I was soooo glad - we were all worn out by Christmas morning! :)

Jennifer said...

Looks like so much fun!!!

Devin LOVES his train table too, definitely a hit with this age. And Devin slept until almost 9:00, we couldn't believe it but were so glad since we were up until 2am building stuff.

I love those Santa bags!