Friday, December 21, 2007

Daycare Christmas Party

Yesterday we were invited to Zack's daycare class' Christmas party. He has been temporarily out of daycare while I'm on maternity leave, so for over two months now. His teacher is so nice. She said he is still a part of the class and we would love for him to come. At the party she told me she misses him so bad and she keeps a class picture at her desk with Zack front and center so she can see him every day.

Zack was also invited back for the Halloween party and he clung to me the whole time and wouldn't participate in most of the activities. Addison would have been 12 days old at Halloween and he was still adjusting to his new role in the family. I was happy yesterday that he listed to the teacher, sat with his friends and I was able to hang back and keep Addison quite. A couple of the other kids were crying and clinging to their parents, but Zack was back to his old self.

I felt bad because his teacher was singing songs that he hadn't heard before, so he wasn't able to sing along or do the hand motions with the words. He was sure watching though and trying to learn. He loves to sing and he is starting to forget some of his songs, so it will be good for him to go back in three weeks.

These pictures were all taken with my point and shoot camera. I learned at the Halloween party that a camera bag, diaper bag, car seat and stroller with baby, and winter coats don't fit in a cramped classroom. I downsized this time and put Addison in the Baby Bjorn carrier, so I wore her and brought the smaller camera - much easier.

Here he is sitting next to Mrs. Sheila and soaking in the new song. He is such a teacher's pet.

The girls especially missed Zack. This girl scooted her chair as close as she could get to him and did everything she could to get his attention. I didn't get a picture of the hug.
Then the competition scoots her chair as close as she could get and makes her first move.
and Zack reciprocates. Lady in Red, "Oh no you didn't! That's my man!" (I see a cat fight starting soon)
The Lady in Red then starts seducing him with arm kisses. Luckily she stopped before she got to the neck and ear.
Listen here buddy, I'm throwing myself at you. It is time to choose her or me?!?! He soon started kicking her and I had to step in. He doesn't care for the high maintenance type and is just too young to be tied down to one girl.

Tomorrow we are leaving for our Christmas tour. In case I don't post again - I hope everyone has a safe and very merry Christmas.


Tami said...

Wow, the girls are already fighting over him, huh :). What a cute series of shots!!

Jaidean said...

lol - that is too funny!!!