Monday, December 31, 2007


Yesterday Ryan and I cleaned out our closet. I am so happy to never have to look at his holey t-shirts again. We got rid of two yard sized trash bags full of outdated clothes. So today, of course, Addison and I had to go to the mall to replenish my pathetic wardrobe.

Ryan decided he would do some male bonding with Zack while we were shopping and take him for his first trip to Hooters. Addison and I had done enough damage when they came, so we crashed their party and made it a family affair. Ryan wasn't too happy, but Zack was excited to have lunch with mommy.

Here is a picture of the little stud taken with Ryan's camera phone.


Janice said...

I think Zack's going to love this picture when he's older ;-).

Hope you have a Happy New Year!!

Jennifer said...

How funny!