Monday, January 7, 2008

Build-A-Bear or Two

Yesterday we took the kids to Build-A-Bear. I don't know who has more fun there. us or Zack. He is starting to get quite the collection. This was his third trip in his 2 1/2 years of life. This trip was very important though because Zack put his pacifier inside his new friend. VERY long overdue, but he is officially pacifier free. At least I met one of my two goals for maternity leave. Potty training still needs some work.

Zack kissing his heart before it goes inside his new dog.
Heart in the dog
the dog is coming to life
and he passes the hug test
bye bye pacifier! He is sleeping just fine without it by the way.
now time for Addison's bunny. Zack gives the heart a kiss
and Addison adds a little slobber.

fill'r up!
I think she has Zack's approval.
bath time

Introducing Dunkin the doctor. Fellow Lowellians may pick up on the significance of Dr. Dunkin's name. It was Ryan's idea. Zack wanted to name him Mooch, but he has already named his Webkin dog it. He has been obsessed with the name Mooch since Addison was born and he went with my sister to her in-law's house and met their dog named Mooch.

Making it official
Introducing Wuzzy the bunny. Ryan is the creative one in the family.
getting Wuzzy's birth certificate
Zack and Dunkin
Zack had this part handled.

A big thank you to Uncle George, Aunt Terri, Stevie and Riley for the gift cards.


Kimberly said...

What a great idea!!!! I'm dreading taking the paci away from Sophie at night but this is a great idea. Just let me know if she decides to try to get inside and take the paci back out!

Miller Mommy said...

What a super idea!! Teeghun is still battling us on the departure of the paci so this is a great idea!!! I think that I might try this also!!
Enjoy your last week at home :( bummer!!

Jennifer said...

How fun!! Devin loves build a bear too and I think James has a much fun as him. I am just running out of space for them ;-) Dunkin & Wuzzy are so cute and Zack looks like he had a blast.

Jaidean said...

Great idea with the pacifier. I need to take Teagun there still - I think he would enjoy it!