Thursday, January 24, 2008

OSHA Notice

Ryan, always the comedian. Zack REALLY is doing good on the potty despite what the sign says. He has been wearing underwear to daycare all week, but he has had one accident each day. This is still a huge, massive, major improvement over last week. This morning he got out of bed to poop in the toilet. Last week he would have went in his diaper and if I would have caught him in the act he would say, "Leave me alone. I'm not doin' nothin'." Hopefully tomorrow we can put a one on the board.

and just because . . . Miss Addie chillin in her bebe pod.


Jennifer said...

It sounds like Zack is making great progress on the potty!! And how cute is Addie??? She is getting so big!!

Jaidean said...

Glad Zack is doing so well with the potty training! Teagun used to do that all the time too when we would catch him in the act - drove me insane!
And how cute is Miss. Addie??? I can't wait to break out ours - hopefully soon!