Thursday, January 31, 2008


I haven't picked up my camera all week. Working is really getting in my way of photography. It is dark by the time we get home and I am beat from not getting enough sleep.

Here are some random thoughts:

Addison is really starting to come to life. She is starting to grab toys and bat at them with her fists, so cute! Most nights she wakes up once or twice for a pacifier and goes right back to sleep.

Zack is so proud and protective of her. We go to daycare in the mornings and he tells the teacher and the other kids, this is my baby (sometimes he adds sister). He also doesn't like the other kids to get too close to her. He'll push them away and tell them to stay back. I tell him they can look too, but deep down I think about how great he will be when boys start coming around when they are teenagers. I'm also glad he backs them away because there are way too many germs going around right now. Kids in Zack's class have had croup, pink eye, pneumonia, and bronchitis recently. Luckily he has only had a runny nose.

Every morning when I drop him off he'll ask Mrs. Sheila what they are going to do today and she'll rattle off a list of things. She'll say a game and he'll answer, what game? maybe X, and she'll say ok, we can probably do that. She'll say the gym and Zack asks what do we do in the gym? hula hoops? Sheila - well we did hula hoops last week. I was thinking about the parachute. Zack - thats a good idea and then ride bikes?. I still can't get over how my baby can hold a full conversation with someone.

Yesterday I bought him some boxer briefs, so he wore them to daycare for the first time today. He was so proud of them he kept trying to pull down his jeans and pull up the boxer waste band, so Mrs. Sheila could see his new underwear. Then, he said they are just like daddy's! I was wondering how long it would take him to divulge his father's underwear preference, about 20 seconds. Zack is doing great with potty training, but we aren't accident free yet. We still haven't tackled staying dry while sleeping either.

I had an impromptu parent-teacher conference this morning with Zack's teacher. I asked her if he'll go up to the next class in May, when he turns three and she said more than likely and told me about that teacher and her classroom activities. Mrs. Sheila said he loves class time and just absorbs everything and stares intently. She'll ask questions at the end to see what the kids remember and Zack is always the one to answer. He loves to play games. She'll give them the choice to play a game, do an activity or have free play and he always chooses a game. She also tries to make activities more challenging him and a couple others and Zack always gets the correct answer. She said we are going to hear about him someday. He is going to be something big. I don't know if he'll be a professor or what, but something important.

I just discovered on Saturday as Zack was playing with his fridge phonics toy that he knows some of his letters. He would pick a letter tell me what it is and then put it in the electronic toy.

In other news . . .

On Sunday we booked our first family Disney World vacation! We are going the first week of April and cannot wait! We think Zack is at the perfect age and will LOVE the characters and rides and Addison should be old enough to hang out and not cause too much commotion. We are staying on Disney property for the first time, so we're excited to see what it is all about. Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Jim (Ryan's mom and her fiance) are going with us, so it will be very nice to have their company and two extra bodies to help control the kids. It will also be nice to not have to ride the bigger rides by yourself since someone will have to stay back with the kids.


Jennifer said...

It was fun to read the stuff going on with you guys. I feel the same way about Devin and wonder where my baby went. These kids are just getting to be so big and so smart!

I love that he is protective over Addison, I am sure that just melts your heart.

Congrats on booking your first trip to Disney!! We are thinking about trying to do that soon too, may I ask where you booked through??

Jaidean said...

Love the update! Sounds like you got a smart little guy on your hands!

I'm jealous of you Disney vacation - how fun! We were supposed to go with my family this July (before we knew about Emery), but now Trevor doesn't want to go with Emery being so little! bummer...

Janice said...

A Disney vacay, whoohoo!! Sounds like it's going to be an awesome time!! It's been years since John and I went and I can't wait to take the kids too.

Zack is getting so big wearing big boy pants and having conversations with his teachers!

Jami said...

Jennifer - Ryan said he went through and found the best deal. He inquired with an online Disney travel agent, but found a better deal through disney's website.