Saturday, February 2, 2008

Are you ready to come home Dad?

My dad HATES cold weather. Which is why my parents live in Florida for the winter and come back to Indiana for the summer. Well that and the beautiful beaches and oceans. I would add Mickey Mouse if it were me, but I don't think Disney influenced their decision to move.

We got about eight inches of snow yesterday. I was able to sneak out of work an hour early and get home in time for Zack to play in the snow before it got dark. Zack had a blast playing in it. It was perfect packing snow.

Ryan and Zack are out sledding now and Ryan just called and said he is absolutely loving it. I just hope his little bladder doesn't have an accident in the cold and away from home.

snow ball on the head
Ryan built a wall and Zack couldn't wait to knock it down.

Snow Angels

Zack had a little trouble with the arms
Getting some help from dad on snow angel technique


Kimberly said...

That pic of him moving his arms reminds me of a Xmas Story "I can't MOVE my ARMS!" We've had ZERO snow this year. He looks like he's loving it! And we didn't have snow block makers like that when we were kids!

Jaidean said...

Cute! Looks like he is having a great time! I haven't taken Teagun out in forever - I'm soooo over the snow!!! :)

Jaidean said...
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Jennifer said...

Looks like fun. We never get snow here, but I just know Devin would love it.

Miller Mommy said...

HOW FUN! We didn't get nearly that much snow in Fort Wayne over the weekend, I am bummed! Teeghun likes the snow for about oh 10 minutes and then he is "all done"! Looks like you all had a great time!!

Janice said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow! I love the snow wall!!