Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Four Months Old

Addison turned four months old today. She looks bigger every time I look at her. On Friday she had her four month check up. She weighed 13 lbs 12 1/2 oz (50%), 24 1/2 inches long (50%), and 41.25 head circumference (50-75%). Zack was always 10% in everything, so she is gigantic compared to him. She loves to talk and she is going to need to in order to get a word in with Zack around. There is no sweeter sound than her happy little squeal. She also loves to watch her big brother play. She'll leans forward and try to get out of your arms. She will be crawling in no time. The doctor has gave me the okay to start cereal, but that is just one step closer to her growing up and she is too little to grow up. The time is going by way too fast and I'm slowly losing my baby.

I still haven't had an uninterupted night's sleep since she was born. She is a major paci addict, so the tired part of me can't wait until she is old enough to find it and put it back in her mouth by herself.

It looks like we are going to have another toe head. I noticed today that her new hair is coming in really blond. She is darker complected than Zack, so we thought she might be a brunette like her cousin Riley.

I wanted to get a naked picture of her after her bath this evening, but she was cold and not interested in nakey pics. Up until this evening, she has refused to put her arms down and hold her head up. I was completely shocked when she propped right up like an old pro. She has been close to rolling over, but hasn't accomplished it yet. I'm sure it won't be long now that she has some elevation.


Jaidean said...

That is such a sweet picture!!! They do grow up way too fast!!! :(

Janice said...

What a perfect capture!! Is she really 4 motnsh, already?!?

Kimberly said...

oh my that pic is so stinkin' cute!!! And I can't believe that she's 4 months old!

About Me said...

What a great photo. Such a cutie!