Friday, March 28, 2008


I've been wanting to post these and finally gave up on getting a good picture to go along with them.

Zack has a list of sayings that he is always using. They just crack me up.

1. That's a great idea / That's not a great idea

2. That's what I'm talking about / That's not what I'm talking about

3. I've never seen that in all my life

4. Pretty good (how he responds whenever someone asks how he is doing)

5. forty dollars (always the dollar amount he gives when he sees money)

6. forty-five (number he always uses except for money)

7. yes or no (Zack: are we going to the store? yes or no? If you answer I'm not sure or even yeah, then he will repeat yes or no until he gets a definite answer.)

These he has faded out, but I don't want to forget them

8. Your blocking the camera (a line from the Disney Cars movie and he says it when you want him to do something that he doesn't want to do like, go to the bathroom, go to bed, brush teeth, etc.)

9. That's my job (when he wants to do something by himself)

Easter Catch Up

Alright, it has been a hectic week, but we should be ready to go tomorrow. I wanted to get the Easter pictures posted because I'm sure there will soon be an overload of Disney pictures.

We spent Easter at Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Jim's house.

The Loot

I picked Zack up from daycare and he wasn't listening very well, so I told him if he was good he could have his chocolate bunny when we got home. He then said that he wanted to bite off the ears and put milk in it. I told him no, then we got home and dad thought it was a great idea. So, I shook my head and grabbed the camera. I was totally surprised that it actually held the milk.

So proud of himself
Ryan had to take a shot. He said it tasted like chocolate milk.
the milk was gone and time to bite the feet

'Twas the Night Before Disney

and all through the house . . .
- a whole bunch of stuff needs to shrink down to fit into the suitcases
- a certain extremely excited little boy needs to go to sleep
- the washer and dryer can't wait for me to go to bed because they have been working non-stop all day
- Ryan created Twitter and Flickr updates in the sidebar to keep everyone updated on our vacation

We started a countdown to Disney World 30 days ago and Zack is finally cut the last ring off today. All the is left is a Disney Dollar. He has definitely improved his cutting skills in the past month. He used to have cuts all along the side of the ring before he would make it through to the other side, now he gets through in two cuts. Zack is so excited. He didn't want to eat or sleep tonight. He is ready to go now. I hope he does ok on the long car ride. I am bringing everything I can think of to keep him occupied.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bounce Till You Drop

A few moments of shut eye before Zack discovered sleeping beauty and started bouncing her and woke her up.

Dirty Bill

A close friend of the family who is a retired kindergarten teacher taught Zack and many other young kids throughout the years a song called, "Dirty Bill." Her husband's name is Bill and the kids always get a kick out of singing the song to him.

Zack absolutely loves this song and sings it to everyone he meets. He sang it to his teacher at daycare and she had him sing it to the class and then to all the other teachers and staff at the daycare. All of the teachers now sing it with their classes. It has became a real phenomenon.

This morning while I was dropping off Zack, another mom asked the teacher if she sings the kids a song about a dirty bear and garbage. The Mrs. Sheila and I both started laughing. The mom said it sounds like a cute song, but I'm not sure what she is singing. Mrs. Sheila then explained that Zack taught her duaghter the song and had him sing it to her.

We are going to see Dirty Bill in Florida next week and Zack can't wait to sing to him.

Here is Zack singing a speedy version of the song so he could get back to his grapes.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! The Easter Bunny left WAY too much chocolate and suckers for Zack. He has been rotating between three tootsie roll pops and three push pops. Needless to say, I have been fighting sticky fingers all day. He left Zack a dozen mini Cadbury Creme Eggs and I was secretly hoping he wouldn't care for them. Unfortunately for mommy he loves them and is coveting those babies.

Fingers work much better and luckily we didn't end up with two dozen brown eggs, just a few. We did end up with almost two dozen cracked eggs though.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Five Months

ETA: PhotoShop and I aren't getting along right now. I just re-edited all the pictures, but I'm still not happy with them. I'll have to play again another day.

Addison turned five months old yesterday. I have been dying to get a picture of her in a tutu even before I was pregnant with her. Addison discovered her ears and her feet this week. She has also mastered rolling over from back to front. I don't know how many times I've had to get up the past couple of nights because she has rolled over and gets stuck on her belly. I hope she learns to roll the other way soon.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

We Ferberized Her

Addison was fighting me as I was trying to rock her to sleep tonight, so I decided tonight would be the night to let her Cry It Out. She played in her crib for twenty minutes just talking to herself and then she started crying. I let her cry for about five minutes and went in and gave her the paci. She closed her eyes and fell right to sleep.

We had a much tougher time with Zack when he was Ferberized. I think he cried for the longest 45 minutes of my life before falling asleep. Addison is so easy going though, hopefully tomorrow night will go as smooth.

We cleaned up Zack's Jumperoo and set it up this morning. Addison absolutely loved it. We had to keep a close eye on Zack until he got over the newness of it. He would have used it as a sling shot and sent her flying if we had let him. Ryan and I also joked because when Zack first started using it we had to put some books underneath his feet so he could reach the ground and jump. Addison touched with no problem. She will be towering over her big brother (and dad) in no time!

I have had an apartment as a temporary office at work since the fire back in September. They are finally putting the finishing touches on the renovation and Friday we had our inspection by the city. It passed!! Tuesday they are moving me back in. Everything is brand new and nice, although I have bare walls and no decorations. I need to go shopping with my boss at some point in the near future. I love spending someone elses money! I'm not looking forward to all my residents stopping in to check it out, but it will be so nice not to use kitchen cabinets to store office supplies and counter tops for the office machines. My new desk won't be in until April 4th, so I still have to deal with tight quarters for a while. I like having two desks, so I can spread out my piles. I'll take pictures once it is completely done.

Ready for Easter

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sunday Stroll

Sunday we were finally able to shed our winter coats and head outside to get some fresh air. Ryan still wasn't feeling well, but we had been waiting for too long for warm weather to let the day go by without enjoying it a little bit. So, we took a family walk around the neighborhood.

This afternoon we had sleet and very icy roads and we should have about 6 inches of snow by morning, so unfortunately we couldn't put the winter coats away for good.

Zack hung close the the curbs and the puddles of water. Those rain boots are the best purchase I've ever made for him.

His pants are getting wetter and his legs are getting more tired. He kept running to catch up with his dad and then he would slowly fall behind again.
He eventually decided to hitch a ride with daddy.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Scattered Thoughts Sunday

Addison rolled over for the first time yesterday. She was laying on her back and rolled to her tummy, but still had her arm tucked underneath. She still isn't a fan of tummy time. I told Ryan that it doesn't count unless she pulls her arm out, so about ten minutes later she completed her roll. Not the quickest, but we'll count it.

Addison has a new fascination with my arm when I'm changing her diaper. She loves to wrap her little hands around the arm that is holding up her feet and she won't let go. I've started calling her the"Arm Thief." She thinks its so funny and just talks and smiles while I struggle to change her diaper with only one fully functioning arm.

It is supposed to be 55 degrees today. I was excited to finally let Zack get outside and play, but Ryan got sick in the middle of the night and is still in bed. I don't know if we'll get outside because it will still be too cold for Addison.

I got our Easter decorations out yesterday and Zack is having a ball right now with the plastic eggs and Easter grass. I'm going to be picking grass out of the carpet for a year.

Zack napped in his underwear for the first time yesterday and he stayed dry. He also kept his pull-up dry all night, but didn't get his pants off quick enough this morning and peed all over the bathroom floor. Hopefully I've bought my last bag of pull-ups and diapers. for him anyway.

Zack is constantly asking if we can go to Disney World today. I found a Disney kids countdown on a website, so we put it together Friday night. You print and cut out strips with Disney characters on them and make a chain link out of the strips and every day remove one link until they are gone and it is time to leave. Hopefully it will help him to see how much time is left before our vacation. Ryan put a Disney Dollar that he has had since a child as the very first link, so Zack can spend it at Disney World. Here is Zack holding the chain links. 28 more days!

Zack and I watched The Jungle Book this morning. It is one of my favorites and he hadn't seen it before. We are trying to get him introduced to all the characters that he'll meet in Disney.

I've been selling Zack's old clothes on Ebay. I hate parting with the memories that some of the clothes hold. I have a really good clothes memory and am able to remember what everyone wore to any event, although I must admit my skill has really gone down hill since kids. I do love having money in my Paypal account though and I don't feel AS guilty about buying things on Ebay and Etsy. My latest purchase is a camera strap on Etsy, although Ryan is making me wait until my birthday in a few weeks to use it.

Last night we drove to Purdue campus and got a carry out pizza. Ryan then ran into a liquor store to buy some beer. I stayed in the car with the two kids and watched the students come out with kegs and case upon case of cheap beer. I reminisced about college and the fun I had at Purdue. I was soon brought back to reality when Zack started singing along with the Wiggles CD that was playing in the car.

We are slowly starting to get more sunlight, so hopefully I'll start picking up the camera more often and blogging more.