Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dirty Bill

A close friend of the family who is a retired kindergarten teacher taught Zack and many other young kids throughout the years a song called, "Dirty Bill." Her husband's name is Bill and the kids always get a kick out of singing the song to him.

Zack absolutely loves this song and sings it to everyone he meets. He sang it to his teacher at daycare and she had him sing it to the class and then to all the other teachers and staff at the daycare. All of the teachers now sing it with their classes. It has became a real phenomenon.

This morning while I was dropping off Zack, another mom asked the teacher if she sings the kids a song about a dirty bear and garbage. The Mrs. Sheila and I both started laughing. The mom said it sounds like a cute song, but I'm not sure what she is singing. Mrs. Sheila then explained that Zack taught her duaghter the song and had him sing it to her.

We are going to see Dirty Bill in Florida next week and Zack can't wait to sing to him.

Here is Zack singing a speedy version of the song so he could get back to his grapes.

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