Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter Catch Up

Alright, it has been a hectic week, but we should be ready to go tomorrow. I wanted to get the Easter pictures posted because I'm sure there will soon be an overload of Disney pictures.

We spent Easter at Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Jim's house.

The Loot

I picked Zack up from daycare and he wasn't listening very well, so I told him if he was good he could have his chocolate bunny when we got home. He then said that he wanted to bite off the ears and put milk in it. I told him no, then we got home and dad thought it was a great idea. So, I shook my head and grabbed the camera. I was totally surprised that it actually held the milk.

So proud of himself
Ryan had to take a shot. He said it tasted like chocolate milk.
the milk was gone and time to bite the feet

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Jennifer said...

Too cute, I love the milk in the bunny! And I love their Easter Baskets!!