Sunday, March 2, 2008

Scattered Thoughts Sunday

Addison rolled over for the first time yesterday. She was laying on her back and rolled to her tummy, but still had her arm tucked underneath. She still isn't a fan of tummy time. I told Ryan that it doesn't count unless she pulls her arm out, so about ten minutes later she completed her roll. Not the quickest, but we'll count it.

Addison has a new fascination with my arm when I'm changing her diaper. She loves to wrap her little hands around the arm that is holding up her feet and she won't let go. I've started calling her the"Arm Thief." She thinks its so funny and just talks and smiles while I struggle to change her diaper with only one fully functioning arm.

It is supposed to be 55 degrees today. I was excited to finally let Zack get outside and play, but Ryan got sick in the middle of the night and is still in bed. I don't know if we'll get outside because it will still be too cold for Addison.

I got our Easter decorations out yesterday and Zack is having a ball right now with the plastic eggs and Easter grass. I'm going to be picking grass out of the carpet for a year.

Zack napped in his underwear for the first time yesterday and he stayed dry. He also kept his pull-up dry all night, but didn't get his pants off quick enough this morning and peed all over the bathroom floor. Hopefully I've bought my last bag of pull-ups and diapers. for him anyway.

Zack is constantly asking if we can go to Disney World today. I found a Disney kids countdown on a website, so we put it together Friday night. You print and cut out strips with Disney characters on them and make a chain link out of the strips and every day remove one link until they are gone and it is time to leave. Hopefully it will help him to see how much time is left before our vacation. Ryan put a Disney Dollar that he has had since a child as the very first link, so Zack can spend it at Disney World. Here is Zack holding the chain links. 28 more days!

Zack and I watched The Jungle Book this morning. It is one of my favorites and he hadn't seen it before. We are trying to get him introduced to all the characters that he'll meet in Disney.

I've been selling Zack's old clothes on Ebay. I hate parting with the memories that some of the clothes hold. I have a really good clothes memory and am able to remember what everyone wore to any event, although I must admit my skill has really gone down hill since kids. I do love having money in my Paypal account though and I don't feel AS guilty about buying things on Ebay and Etsy. My latest purchase is a camera strap on Etsy, although Ryan is making me wait until my birthday in a few weeks to use it.

Last night we drove to Purdue campus and got a carry out pizza. Ryan then ran into a liquor store to buy some beer. I stayed in the car with the two kids and watched the students come out with kegs and case upon case of cheap beer. I reminisced about college and the fun I had at Purdue. I was soon brought back to reality when Zack started singing along with the Wiggles CD that was playing in the car.

We are slowly starting to get more sunlight, so hopefully I'll start picking up the camera more often and blogging more.


Kimberly said...

You guys are gonna have a BLAST at Disney world! And is it easy to sell stuff on ebay? I've thought about doing that with Sophie's you see the clothes in lots or one item at a time??

Jami said...

Kim - Ebay walks you right through on selling stuff. It is really easy. I've been printing shipping labels through paypal, so shipping is easy too. You do need a way to measure the weight though. I have a scale at work. I've been selling the nicer/more expensive clothes by themselves and play clothes in lots.

Jaidean said...

Oh how fun! You will have to tell me how it is with a toddler and infant at Disney. We were planning on taking Teagun this year, but now Trevor doesn't want to sine we had Emery...I kind of understand his point, but I know Teagun would still enjoy it!
Oh, you are really tempting me to start selling Teagun's stuff on ebay. But my SIL and sister's have already asked me to save his stuff...but I could probably make a killing just off his shoes alone from 0-2 years old! :) Oh well!